Galaxy Note 4 Phone case

by DrewPetitclerc Oct 29, 2015
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Are the designs for flexible filament or regular filament?

None of my designs are meant for flexible plastics, try at your own risk!

Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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what is the fit like? i want something tight and slim not bulky. im after printing one from another designer and it looks great but fits badly

The fit has always been perfect but my machines are well calibrated you must test calibrate for x y and z on your printers.

Printed great the 1st time. I added in supports and everything came out nice! phone fits perfectly!

Picture? would love to see it

hi so i printed the base model 1,5 on back and its too small, both long and wide is that cause shrinkage?. also got some strange v shape space on both sides at bottle. am using aio zues with pla.

ps why wont flexible material work?

Any shrinkage could be your printers not calibrated well, I've not had any problems with material shrinkage and I have used PLA and ABS and a lot of other materials, I've printed over 50 cases for my note 2 and 20 cases for my note 4, all work as designed.
The case was not designed for flexible material, it probably will not hang onto the phone very well.

I am sure it's my printer I just got into 3d printing this week so I'm sure I'll need to calibrate better any suggestions how I should do that would be helpful

Are you meant to print is with the back on the bed or the back in the air?

If you just want a blank case then "back to bed" would be the best setup.
If you design your own decorated case then it may be best to print with "back in the air" depending on what you add to the surface as I have done with my various custom designs.

I just tried to print the case with the back in the air, but this failed miserably, am i missing a trick?
I am using a Da Vinci AIO printer.

When i press print i do have options of rafts, supports, and auto repair. am i meant to tick one of these options?

Many thanks for your help

(Hi sorry new to printing, just read up and found out about supports lol, will try it again and let you know. thanks)

Yes you must use supports, the back is a large unsupported overhang when printed in that way.
Always look at your part as a series of unsupported overhangs and turn it so the least amount of support is needed and then consider surface finish of top and bottom faces.

I can assure you it is the right size for the phone, if you're saying its too large for you to print that could be true but I have lots of room on my Zortrax printer.

Which material did you use to print the case? Does flexible filament work?

Flexible will not work. I use many different plastics ABS PLA nylon wood fill all the different hard plastics work fine.

Hi, do you have this design in two parts like you did with the Note 2 case?

No, sorry I stopped printing the big parts on my "UP Plus Pro", I use it for small special materials parts.
I print the main cases on my "Zortrax M200 Pro".

Any chance you could upload the .OBJ files so we could add to them?

The STEP, IGES and SolidWorks files have always been here for you to use.