Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

High Revolution Jet Turbine

by TriDev Oct 31, 2015
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hey friend I made your turbine and the mane stage is lose with gears and thay seem to get stuck and wont turne cleanly was just wondering if you have any help on to make the mane stage and the I=57 tight I use simply 3d sofwhere thanks friend and sorry for the crap spilling I have atusum

Worked amazingly after separating the gears with a wrench. I printed it at 66% size. Took a bit of breaking in with a drill and one of the gears were off so I had to reprint it. After all said and done, worked great.

Some things I'd love to see, a tad higher tolerance on the main stage and just a tiny bit lower tolerance on the addstages. An addition of a crank instead of the handle would provide more torque as well.

Other than that, I'd love to remix this if you have the files available! I want to make a fan/motor crank with this.


The gears were fused for me as well. I have no way to change the tolerance. My printer is set up quite well, parts look great but not usable. Printed in gray PLA, possible shrink issue but frustrating for such a large print project. Very nice design work though.

You have to break the gears free using a wrench for the addstage gears. It was stuck at first for me but after breaking the gears loose and running the gears with a hex screw + drill it went smooth.

I have not yet printed this, and would like to know if this is modular?
Would I be able to remove one reduction stage in the middle and have the other two parts still connect?

I would not print this myself, but will outsource as I do not have the wallet for software or printer.

I have some ideas that involve the gear step-up mechanism with the planetary gears. But, I am having trouble visualizing/understanding how to use a planetary gear to allow gear step-up. I was hoping you could maybe explain how to achieve a gear step-up with a planetary gear. Thanks!

P.S. Amazing model, love the windup sound!

AddStage 4.71 printed just fine, the gears were lightly sticking but once they started to move, it was very fluid

Mainstage is way too loose... when I removed it from the plate, some gears stayed on it, I put them back, realigned them but whole gear assembly (center + planetary) is sagging as there is too much room around the gears.

Another problem is with the handle. Design make think that it should clip on the planetary gears, here, it don't... more than 1mm all around...

Printer : Prusa MK2
Filament : PLA

hey could I hook up a motor to this to produce continuous flow?

Hey there, I am struggling with the AddStage Prints getting the gears unstuck. For the MainStage I had no problems at all but the gears are fused and will not move at all on the AddStage. Any tips or could you provide a file with a higher tolerance for the Additional Stages? Really wanna get this thing rolling but I've had 2 failed prints on AddStage where the gears will not move at all! I am using the proper sized allen key and I have to put so much force on the AddStage prints that the middle gear just starts to strip and shows white stress lines.

The MainStage_4p71_Hex12_Tol40_V04.stl printed well without the parts sticking to each other but then I realized that the gaps where so big that the gears lost their positions. Basically they are way too loose. How can I make the gear wall bigger?

when i print the 4.71, the gears are fused to the body. i try to use an alen key but it does nothing. do i just need a better printer?

This is awesome! I will try to print this in the next week or so. I pretty much only print PLA, but I have some PETG laying around, I may attempt that for the gears.... What is the optimal material? ABS? Poly Carbonate? Would nylon flex too easily?

Really impressive engineering. Congrats!

congrats as well for winning the challenge. your whistle is a very effective and simple design.. and foremost it is useful.
well deserved..

the gear is stick too hard, how i separate it easily??

Use an 10mm allen key or a M6 Hex Screw. slowly work yourself back and forth.

How do you print chopper ring? With grill on plate or like it's now? thx

grill on the plate, no supports. chopper blocks have a 45deg chamfer. should print without problems. Good point, I need to turn the axis around to make it clear. good luck..

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Thanks, I am glad you like the design.
Yes, I designed this for the #MakeItLoud Challenge. It doesn’t do much more than being quite loud, which is the goal here!
...and it looks cool...I think.
I am new to 3D printing and was playing around with planetary gear bearings for some time. Mainly because its fun and it is “THE THING” everyone has printed or will print at some point. It is also a nice project to benchmark the precision I can get out of my printer and find what settings that works best for me.

Do you have STP file for this ? thanks

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Can I put this on my honda?

Hey there. One thing you might want to look at is using toothpaste, not a gel though, to help break in your gears. This is an old RC car racing trick that was used to break in the gear box when a new car was made out of the box. Besides.. it will smell minty fresh if you use the right type!

i hope more people know about this, because it worked for me VERY well; I used toothpaste with baking soda btw

Thank you tiqdreng for sharing this valuable trick, It makes total sense. I'll definitely try it out!

No worries at all TriDev. Good luck with getting it working smoothly. Another tip is... once you have the gears broken in, use mineral oil to help keep the gears from seizing from heat while moving. That is one problem with PLA in gears that operate at higher speeds. They tend to soften due to the friction. I had this happen with a propeller toy that I printed and some mineral oil solved the issue perfectly.

Good luck in the challenge!

PLA is not my first choice for this project but I have not really an alternative at the moment. so have to stick with PLA.
I'm very grateful that you share your great experience.. Thanks again..
I wish you good luck as well for the challenge..