Easy Zipper for Assistive Technology Challenge

by miginv Oct 31, 2015
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I don't think that it would currently work in the Customizer as coded. Minimally you have to change the line that reads "/ [Global] /" to something like "/ [Parameters] /". (Thingiverse hides the asterisk after and before the slashes.) Then it would be helpful to change the variable names to values that are more intuitive. Also, not clear whether you want xMZipper and rFinger to be customized. Right now they can't.

Thank you, I added those changes. It is strange because Customizer wasn't active and I think I verified that when I uploaded for the contest. Actually the code was prepared for that, with comments like // [2:8] to define a values bar. BR

I was able to test it in OpenSCAD and saw that the Customizer pane didn't have any content. That was a good sign that the Thingiverse Customizer wouldn't work.

I don't see the Customizer option for this thing. You may have not checked the box on the Edit page.

Thanks a lot for your tip. I will try to check it tomorrow, maybe something changed in the website since I uploaded. BR

I commit to donate 100 3d printed EasyZippers to my cousin Association for Brain Damage in Navarra http://www.adacen.org if I win the contest Assistive Technology. Sharing, like it, collect it, etc would help. Anyway I will add new improvements and keep the design free. Thanks!
By the way, sorry about some errors with the word zipper (I daily work with tool Zypper, https://en.opensuse.org/Zypper)