Snap-together Sphere

by aubenc Aug 25, 2011
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Running it like this: rod=50; rhg=rod/8; rtk=3; res=2; gap=0.5; dst=5;
Finding that it makes a very cool "ball that does not roll" puzzle. And maybe good for juggling practice.
But, to assemble it I have to use pliers to press the intersections together to get the rings to set flush and that causes some flash to peel off and some discoloration (printed in ABS at .3 resolution). I suppose I will have to go through the code and figure out which references to "gap" need to be modified to make it more of an "easy to assemble" toy. Otherwise, anyone learning to code should learn from you, nice and clean, thanks, just needs a gap fudge factor is all.

Thanks a lot for the feedback and your nice words!
Version 2 has been replaced by version 3 to address the issue.
Ouch! I lost 300 uploads in my stats... who cares :)"gap" may be too big now however, pliers, or even better knife, may be still needed due to the excess of material of the 1st layers.
Thanks again!

Scaled this up 3x in netfabb Studio Basic. Do not try to scale it in SF/SFACT, it's not "real" scaling, and does something funny resulting in a pile of loosely stacked filament. Printed with Ultimachine PLA, SFACT master branch, 200 mm/s fill, 100 mm/s perimeter, 0.1 fill ratio with Grid Hexagonal fill, experimental Skin feature enabled. Took a little flexing to get them to fit together; I don't know if it could have been done if they were more solidly filled.

FYI: Skeinforge scaling is after it sliced the model, so if you scale 3x with SF, you need to reduce your layer thickness to 1/3. You're better off not using it.

Wow!! Isn't this a bug?

Bot1334 is happy with RepG 24
amp; Skeinforge standard... the little few times I've scaled something works fine for me (regarding layer thickness). I always need to (save the changes and) generate the GCode after scaling for the changes to be taken in account.

Or... are you talking about XY scaling only (not Z)? In that case, if you reduce your layer thickness you should also change Feed/Flow rates
amp; whatsoever... pfff...

...maybe I just don't get what you mean :'(

Yep, that's the risk of scaling, everything gets bigger (or smaller) and thus issues may appear: walls too thick... gaps that end up with a too loose (or tight) fit... more material and printing time needed...

Thanks for the feedback!

Added a zip file with the 3 rings generated in OpenSCAD with 180mm OD, 60 height, 4.5 wall thickness and 0.5 gap.

May be somebody likes to try... be aware that I have no clue if something is too wrong with these dimensions.

If somebody tries it, pleeeease let us now :-D Thanks!

I'm experimenting with nesting these now, the stl files here and 45mm dia/10mm height. Rattles nicely :)

Why do you nest them? (just out of curiosity because I have never being playing with PLA)

May be you do it to allow the layers to cool down... hmmmm... I will add (hopefully today) an STL with the 3 rings together which should also do the trick (if that's the reason)

No reason other than it looks cool having internal parts, all 6 parts were printed separately. For some reason my build quality actually deteriorates with multiple parts, not sure why :s

Ah!!! Sorrrryyyyy! :-D :-D :-D :-D

Now I see what you mean, I thought you were talking about something really different, hahahhahaa!

VERY COOL what you are doing! Love it!!

Brilliant, even on my poorly calibrated machine it snapped straight together. Thanks :)

Thank you!!

When I first saw it I though: " That's a impressive print!! :-D

Great work!

This print required zero cleanup and snapped together extremely easily. Props for a great design...

I put a bell inside mine, and it makes a great little toy

Thank you!

Yet another great print picture :-D I love it !!

I love it when a print just goes together. Nice tight fit with all parts. Nice thinking on the tolerances. No cleaning straight together off the printer!

I love to see my designs printed!! Thank you very much and also to post the pic!

Looks like it's bee good for takraw.

It snapped together real well. Very little cleaning along the edge that sits on the heated plate.

Beautiful print! Glad to hear that, Thanks!!