Raspberry Pi Portable

by benheck Jun 29, 2013
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Are you able to create one that i'll buy ? I'm really interested since i don't think i have enough skill to create one by myself


Hello, great Design and looks professional.

How works the Joystick? Analog or Digital?
If it is Analgog,how du you realized that?

Want to play some N64 Games, played better with an Analog Joystick. And some Games are not Playable with an Digital Stick

would you please let me know where would a person go to install the games . I am new the to the raspberry and don't know very much about it but would like to learn more and make one of your prints. Just no idea on how to get the Raspberry programmed or access the games. Does it come loaded already with the games. Please if you can point me in the right direction it would be appreciated. Thank you.

you need to download the roms you want per system. use youtube to show you how to add those roms to the Rpi. hope you'd got it working as its march 2016

I have the better part of it all figured out thank you

why use the teensy instead of controlling buttons directly from the Pi's GPIO? Is there an advantage that justifies the additional cost and space demands?

do you think you could tell me how to hook up the buttons to either the gpio or teensy? I'm having trouble.

https://petrockblog.files.wordpress.com/2012/08/snesadapterassemblysingle.png - this is a fairly simple method to wire an snes controller (gpio 25 is highlighted as data pin for a second controller if desired)

https://learn.adafruit.com/retro-gaming-with-raspberry-pi/buttons covers direct connections to buttons and joysticks well

the connections are fairly simple but the adafruit article goes over the software side - that's the trickier part IMO and will require some fiddling to configure to your setup

Heck Ben, that looks amazing!
Wish you'd post more tutorial videos of 123D Design, you have a nice way of making the units nice and compact.

Will definitely have to build one of these :)

Only thing I wish Ben would do is to make step-by-step's along with these videos and release the files like they do for Adafruit. PLEASE BEN! PLEASE!!!

Where did the buttons came from?

Damn this guys good!!!

this is so cool I love the show what did you use to regulate the power supply for the pi ? o. and where did you get it from

Ben, I have a suggetion for future projects. You can try the "SainSmart 1.8" LCD display (Adafruit has a similar one). It's hooked up via SPI and can be used as framebuffer device (driver: http://www.whence.com/rpi/)http://www.whence.com/rpi/). It has a much sharper image than anything hooked up via composite.

But I think the refresh rate isn't that good for fast games. I use it in a current project of mine but only for a linux shell.

What's the layer height of your printout?

Hi Ben,
could you please tell me, where you got this lovely '1234' and smaller 'Select' and 'Start' buttons from ? Or is it from the gamepad you use ?

I think he mentioned it in his Video. They are laser cutted.

ben. you would be a saint if you can figure out how to hook up a laser to the 3d printer for cutting. I have a replicator 2 and would love to see this as one of your projects.

very dangerous - laser cutters typically come with eye protection and and exhaust. using one with a traditional 3d printer (even an enclosed design) would not mitigate these factors and the risk to eyes and noxious fumes are real concerns. These concerns could be addressed fairly easily (goggles, diy exhaust, etc) but I'd imagine you'd have to add quite a bit of power to the extruder point to run an actual c02 laser that could cut stuff in a reasonable amount of time. That would be the deal breaker for me - at that point you've added laser windows, glasses, an exhaust system, and replaced your extruder so why not just build a dedicated device at that point and leave your 3d printer alone

that being said i just googled it and found this: http://jtechphotonics.com/?product=new-2-8w-laser-and-2-5amp-safety-compliant-driver-kit-with-us-style-power-adapter

looks like it is being worked on - however again I don't see the point. the strongest laser is just under 4W and costs almost 500 bucks; it's not going to cut much (although it probably can engrave well) and it's going to take forever to cut the few things it can. for that price you could get a cruddy chinese 40W c02 cutter and a RAMPS or alternative setup to make it more reliable.

It's not as good as a laser, but wouldn't all you need is a mount for a dremel and you have a poor mans cnc?

I don’t know, it sounds feasible, but in practice I think it would be incredibly difficult. the 3d printing is additive and cmc is subtractive. besides that, I wouldn’t want to have bits of wood and metal in my printer...

Laser cutting would be harder on your equipment than dust from a dremel. Use a vacuum!

Can the joystick also control the cursor?

Thank you for posting this!

Really really clean design! very professional.

Agreed. I've been drooling over the new Hobby Laser over at http://fslaser.comhttp://fslaser.com. Still way too expensive for most hobbyists. Word on the street is that Printrbot will be releasing their own laser kit in the future though. I'm excited about that!

Main difference between Chinese and American lasers is quality, ease of setup/use, Chinese tend to be water cooled not air, tube quality.

That aside, they work the same way.

Some companies such as http://fairwaylaser.com/http://fairwaylaser.com/ take Chinese lasers and add a layer of tech support to them.

A TechShop or Hackerspace near you may have a laser!

looks really cool! I've been looking for a good project for my rasPi. is there a link to the show you can share, or possibly a little more info on where you procured the buttons and joystick and assembly of the machine?

The Ben Heck Show is on YouTube. Ben goes over the creation of the device in pretty good detail on the show.

I am wondering the same thing, what about the buttons, joystick & whatnot?

Here is a link to part one of the episode where he makes it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dUZjzQuTNX4https://www.youtube.com/watch?...