Low Profile Tires/Rims for OpenR/C F1 car

by Palmiga Nov 23, 2015
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excellent designs, I could invert the triangles of 180 degree lace in the rings please .... I printed 8 sets of tires and when placing the tires and when placing it I realized that the threshing is inverted

Thanks :-) You only mirror the part in the slicer before print

Does this mount by HEX and if so, what size please?
Nice Work... All of it!!

thats not a low profile....
Thats a no-profile.
just pointing out.
good design

Tires look great. Do you know if these rims can be used in combination with this diff https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2361718 ?

Differential for OpenRC F1 car.

thanks :-) sorry I dont know but I would think so. If you try it please let others know here, thanks!

Ok, i will give it a try and let you know.

I did give it a try but it won't fit.
The diff https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2361718 only works with the spoke layout of the original rims.
The diff uses, for the rights rear side, a front wheel.
There is a part of the diff that slots in between the spokes.
Your spokes have a different layout.

Differential for OpenRC F1 car.

It fits. And the is still working. Thanks a lot. It even does not spoil your great design.

All rim version are now available here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2716222 let me know if I should remove your pic/link

Palmiga OpenRC F1 Low Profile Differential Rims
by Palmiga

cool, thanks :-)

I will give it a try, and let you know

What are recommended print settings for these? Great work!

Thanks :-) the rims can be printed with PLA and standard settings. The tires are depending on the type of flexible filament u use. Some general info ( for my a bit too hard TPU when it comes to these particular tires): http://rubber3dprinting.com/how-to-3d-print-flexible/

Is there any way that you can modify these to a 12mm hex? I printed out the snow tires to put on a traxxas teton for a trip to the beach and then saw that the wheels don't have the 12mm hex. Hope you can help, OH and I have a set of your sand tire/wheels on my JLB Cheetah with the 17mm wheel adapter. Going to the beach in October and can't wait to see how they do. Thanks again for your designs.

I will add it to the wish-list but then you need to give me more info about dimensions, diameter of axle, thickness of the 12mm hex etc. contact me through http://palmiga.com/ http://rubber3dprinting.com/

Would it be easier to make snow tires for the "Touring" rims? Because the Touring rim fits great and I already have them printed. If it would be easier to make new wheels for the F1 snow tires then the same spacing and such as the touring will work great. Thanks again.

enjoy https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2512132 please share pics of your prints

Low Profile Snow Tires for OpenRC Touring car
by Palmiga

Added a solid version of the tire...