NIce Unimog 1300 L - PickUp Truck

by _sOnGoKu_ Nov 1, 2015
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Just curious if this was designed for a certain scale or not?

i really dont know the scale of this model. never try to print it at moment. But will be nice one day .. one day... ahaha

i left the files here, just waiting for that moment arrive. But shure need a lot of work on it before have somethink printable in small sacle.


That is very cool! Are you able to do one without the windows?

helow , sorry for the delay. this was a model i have the files in one hard drive i found, and upload here before delete all data on it.
i imaguine you can erase the windows with any software like meshmixer, not shure but probably yes.

Hello, no worries, no hurries!
I already removed the windows, which shows the very nice interior.
The problem I had when I wanted to print that version is the zero thickness geometries it creates on the doors, rear wall etc.
So I don't know if you have the time or aspirations to make a version that can be printed without the windows, but I would definitely love to have one!


for now I'm super busy building good roads for the project I'm doing. I need a lot of work yet, but this month I miss breakthroughs in the scale model. I hope soon will need many vehicles and a good time to try to print a Unimog. xD

if you want, it would be great you to put your files that have achieved "without windows" or other advances like a remix of that thing. Maybe together we can do it faster imprimimble.


Sounds cool! One more thing I came across: The fog lights on the front bumper are not connected to the rest of the model ;)

I uploaded the remix here.

Unimog with no windows
by Fless