Orion Ascent Abort Model

by BobSauls Nov 1, 2015
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The LAS is missing the jettison motor holes above the Abort motor. The Attitude Control Motor nozzles should be just circles and not elongated. Would be nice to thicken the walls of everything, when scaling down it is hard to get a nice print. The booster doesn't have those indentations at the bottom or the top. You are missing the Crew Module to Service Module Umbilical. The rocket stand doesn't look like that either.

I am attempting to fix these in my remix. The capsule is the wrong size here, it needs an adapter to match sizes printed as-is (or at 75% like I did).

I'll see what I can do abut the motor nozzles once I figure out how to adapt the capsule

I just learned you can rename .thing files to .zip and unzip them for the individual .stl files, hopefully this helps someone else! :)

how do you do that?

using windows explorer click on the file to rename it and change the .thing to .stl. If you don't have the extensions visible then you need to change the settings in your windows explorer.

do you have a stl file of this model?

Yes sir, a great model, well designed and executed!