Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!


by A26 Nov 1, 2015
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In the zip I downloaded there are some missing gears, like the chord drum and hours gear. Please, check the files. It would be a pitty to abandon its contruction now.

can you add instructions? i printed all models in rar, but as i can see, i dont need all models for one clock ...one simple tutorial for assembling?

You really need a step by step instructional. Most are not going to try and match up gear with like picture on the animation. I really needs to have something to detail exact construction and placement of pieces. I'm in the middle of printing this and having a hard time with assembly visualization with provided docs and video. ***UPDATE i abandoned this build. lack of good instructions led me to stop printing after 12th piece. very Frustrating.

Very cool. How large is the largest gear? Wondering if I can print this on my Monoprice Mini. My print area is 120mm x 120mm x 120mm. Many thanks.

i Think you can scale it down

My concern was the rear attachment for the spindles, but your very good video shows all I need to know. Thank you very much, it's printing as I type this to you.

Please post a "made" once complete. It's a bare bones design, and I'm very curious to see what people will do with it.

I really like his simple design and I personally plan on furthering it by adding hands and a face as well as tweaking other aspects of it. I'll post it as a remix when is done. I could also make a short slideshow about how to put together the vertical version of this clock too since I printed out the parts to assemble that as well.

I'm a mechanical Design Engineer, specialist with 3D modelling. Yet I would appreciate some build instructions before wasting time, effort and money printing this clock.
Any possible chance of obtaining some instructions.

Take a look at the last two pictures. The author posted renderings of how the gears fit together. I put together both the compact and vertical versions of this clock. The compact one works much better at present. I also made a slideshow of how to put it together. http://gph.is/2alyFDR

Have you posted instructions to build the clock?

I made a slideshow of how to put it together. http://gph.is/2alyFDR

Here is a slideshow for the vertical version 1 of this clock: http://gph.is/2aYdpDL

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This appears to be missing some pieces judging from the photo and the files provided?

I've now uploaded everything you need for either configuration save the pendulum ends for the version printed in red which I could not find.

hey man does it work? do you have any vids ?