Parrot Bebop v1 props' box

by antoinef Nov 1, 2015
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Thanks @antoinef for this cool design.

I printed with Cura v3.6.4 and reduced the size to 90°
I use the box to store my 5" props (Dalprop Cyclone 5046C).

Hi @martimbrepost, great thank you for sharing!
I re-created the file in Fusion 360 and it is now fully parametric.
you can find the new file here:

Drone props carying case (parametric)

Ah...and if you can post a Bebop 2 version too...thanks

Hi, @mattoni,
If you give me the radius, the width and height of the prop I can creat the box for you.
If you like to do it yourself, you can find the parametric design here:

Drone props carying case (parametric)

This is really kind of you Antoine, thanks. At the end, i've found a guy who designed a version for bebop 2 propellers. (that by the way i had to cut because i have a 12x12 build plate). But yours design is more good looking.

According to Le Loki, you can just scale the stl by a factor of 1.1 for the BeBop 2. Please note that I did not try it myself.

Hi Antoine. Thanks for your useful project. I'd like to import your project on Tinkercad so i can cut it in 2 pieces (i have a ProFab mini with small bed). The problem is that Tinkercad doesn't accept file bigger than 25 MB. Is it possible to have a "light" version of it?

Hello, You can import the file (123D design) into fusion 360 and modify it as you like. (how to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uFNn0ONItGo).

Definitely doesn't fit bebop 2 props unless you mess around with the scale... wish I would have read the comments before I wasted all that pla

Sorry about that!
I will change the text to make it more explicit about that

Is it for bebop 1 or bebop 2?

Hi LeLoki,
It is for the Bebop 1. The Bebop 2 have props that are 1" wider.

Thanks, I checked and bebop 1 props have a 5.5" diameter and bebop 2 are 6".
I printed it at a 1.1 scale and it worked :)