Faraday Motion Hyperboard R2

by sunep Nov 2, 2015
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this is great project and I'm looksing for something like this. Do you have a BOM (Bill of material) to make one Hyperboard v2? I would like to plan to make it but I need to see what material need to buy and which to print.


and now the board is reddy, it is a vewrry nice smooth riding board and i think the only one in holland//!! if not, let me know. but it is the best project ever.

if you want the real fun then print i by yourself if possible. mine proffession was building machines all over the west of europe. i am retired now and i bought me a 3D printer. i printed this board for mine dauchter 17 years old and i am sure that i must make 2 or 3 more for mine grandkits. i gonna be the most popular granddad of the world.

Hey can you give us an update on when the kit will launch?

I'm very confused about what I can and cannot print right now.

I have an onda motion core deck from my longboarding past.

I believe that today I can build the parts and also the controller for the spine and build a fully working spine board.

The hyperboard I believe I can print the upgrade parts buy I won't be able to control until you launch?

Is that a correct assumption?

I'm sure it's all perfectly clear to you involved in the project but to us consumers the messaging is incredibly confusing.

Im responsible for the technical stuff here at Faraday Motion. The truth is the hyperboard is quite a project with little documentation and still many child problems, this is why we havent released it as a kit. All cables needs to be made manually, pcb's needs to be soldered, you need to program stuff etc. There are two guys in south korea who made one. We made some for bigger companies, and a few individuals made some of them with our help. But its really very early stage and ill remind you that im no electrical engineer and though I designed all the things used in the board (working reliable for more than a year) its still probably amateur stuff and not really considered safe for selling to customers.

Is the deck fully 3d printed? I have some concerns about strength so I'd like some suggestions on what filament to use. Thanks.

The deck is a standard deck, we buy them from Onda Motion

Your Github link doesn't work.. What are the differences between the Spine and the Hyperboard? I can't seem to find any information about the Hyperboard...

Thanks for the hint.

We are not yet officially selling the Hyperboard, but we are working on a newer revision that we are going to sell. We are asking people to buy the Spine, then we will make an upgrade kit for the Hyperboard later.