Tiny Epic Galaxies box organizer

by chickenbisket Nov 3, 2015
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Thanks for the great design. Really appreciate it.

I found, perhaps with the new release of this game, that the card box is too small and the rockets don't fit. I made the card box 102% larger in Cura and the cards fit fine. The counter tray needs to be upscaled to 110% to get the ships to fit. the counter covers would need 110% as well to fit the bottoms.

My rocket ships don't fit in the square holes as designed. The other tokens fit beautifully. Has anyone else noticed this and if so what was your correction? Thanks.

Anybody else having issues printing the Card tray? I have printed the dice tray and other prints fine but the card tray seem to be off. I get what can only be called webbing of PLA across the inside of the box and the layers seems to separate.

I have successfully managed to print Dinosaur island insert after the failed card tray for this with no issues.

What wall thickness should these be?

New expansion is out. The new ships fit in the same squares as the one you made. Would just need to remove the culture/energy spots and replace with one round hole slightly larger and shorter for the scoring game token.

Currently printing, we have been using the tins that come with the Davids Tea advent calendars. Very much looking forward to having this to replace them :)

I sincerely hope that you can do this for the expansion as well.

I'd really like to do that but I don't own the expansion. If I ever buy it you bet I'll be making a box organizer for it.

As a lover of this game, and I hate to be corny but...ahh who am I kidding, this is EPIC!

Thank you so much, nothing makes me happier than seeing somebody enjoying my work.

I'll be printing this today. So awesome.

PS. The expansion isn't out of its initial KS print yet. It'll come in may and looks to be amazing