Folded plastic lamp shade

by hakalan Jun 29, 2013
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What filament did you use? :D

hi there, I printed out the lamp shade, it came out really nice and fits the socket perfectly , only thing is , I am using a compact fluorescent light bulb and fine the fit a little to sung, would it be complicated to have same base dimensions and make it flair out more ? keeping same over all height ? I printed mine with glow in the dark play! I will post a photo of that one as well , I used a 0.8 nozzle used the same setting as for t-glase and it came out great.

I'd guess a CF bulb gets WAY too hot for a plastic shade. ??? Hate to see your house and family burn down.

It is more then fine to use a CF light or even incandescent light up to 15 Watts, I've been using it in my office since June 2016,! No fires yet! looks to be safe after nearly 3 years id say.

Sure! I have uploaded two wider versions.
Please double check that they have the right height before you print. I've played around with these scripts too much to keep track of what has changed.
The edges are now a bit rounded. Let me know if you like it or not. I can generate new ones if you prefer the old style, or if you need even wider.

the height's are perfect and the wider2 looks great , ill print that one out and pose photo when its done. thank you once again

wonderful thank you I will look at them Right away

i love that:
the plastic will probably melt, catch fire and burn down your house and family.

Little update, using a compact fluorescent light bulb lamp has been on for over 14 hours, the glow in the dark pla is slightly warm to the touch, no signs of heating nor softening or smells of burning plastics!

Yeah, I just didn't want anyone with their kids on fire and blaming me for it. Not sure about the odds of anything actually catching fire before it melts and falls to the floor...

Ah yes well this would only occur if you were running a fairly hefty high wattage incandescent globe, those types of globes commonly emit up to 5% of light and the rest is heat!.

And for this reason some genius invented the LED (light emitting diode) which puts out way more light than heat, you average 5 watt led would come nowhere near hot enough to melt any plastics :).

so yea use an LED!

Yes, but keep on 5w...

PLA will start to look like a stalactite... But forget the coffinbank's drama...