Spinal Column

by Botfarm88 Aug 27, 2011
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If you can, could you please resize the C5 and C6 vertebrae? They are much larger than the other vertebrae and I'm trying to keep things to as accurate an anatomical scale as possible. Also, could you please provide the C5 and C6 without splitting the model? I'd rather not have to glue them together.

Are these actually based off real bone anatomy? Either way, gotta agree, if it had a more realistic resolution it would be much better suited for educational purposes, but still all the cudos for making a file for each and every bone. That must have taken forever!

hello, very interesting model.
imho resolution could be just one level of subdivision up as currently it shows up in the print giving 'cybernetic' feel , but still it's great for education.

i am curious how difficult it would be also to model soft parts - using i.e. 3d printed silicone molds .

i admit i got here mainly because of neighbour who is more of medical in his hobbies asking me about printing some spine models and personally i know near to 0 about importing and analyzing mri/ct data into 3d models


For more anatomically accurate vertebral models you can try these, super accurate taken from CT high resolution CT scans. https://www.shapeways.com/shops/anatomix?section=Vertebrae&s=0https://www.shapeways.com/shop...

Great stuff. :)

My spine is stuffed, so I think this would be good to show others where it hurts and have the Doctors hell me it's all in my mind... ;)

You need to do the Sacrum and Illiac next as a base then the rest of the pelvis.

Then it could be a whole column.

I've got a problem between L4/L5 so I'm going to print those ones out to show where it hurts.

Printed C1 only so far, fairly medicre quality print (my printer not the design) so I'm hoping to have a full spinal column that improves in quality as I improve my printer. Great work :)

This is very interesting indeed. I could easily see some industrious individual taking these parts (especially a full body), adding some shock cord, servos, and the like, and doing some simple articulations. Who knows, perhaps this could even turn out to be the basis of robot skeletons. Done up in other materials, I'm sure it could be quite durable.

Wouldn't it be cool if in a high school physiology class you start by printing out the various parts of the human body, and assembling it to see how things really work!

Where did you get the model files for the bones? I'd love to do/see more of this.

WOW I love this.. Too bad you have not set up a flatter account yet, I would flatter you in a heart beat. I also can't wait for more. I'm going to start printing these for Halloween so I can do some SFX on them like what is seen on my Avatar..


I love it in red

Wow! Admirable project you have going there, please keep up the fine work!

Regarding the license, it is of course up to you but... would it not be nice to see other verse'ians making derivatives of these parts? Using some creativecommons license and saying by that "everything goes as long as I get credit."or similiar. Or to get all updates that are shared between a deriv
ative creator and another maker with GPL?

I say it again, great work!