BTN-1000 Desktop Thermoelectric Heat Exchanger

by Mr_MegaTronic Jun 30, 2013
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You have not thought about this enough. I think combining a couple of these ideas nails it. You need heatsinks both sides. The hot side sits in a pan of water and controls the heating of that side while also allowing the cold side to drop further in temp. A peltier generates a difference in temp from one side to the other based on the amount of wattage you put into the system. The colder you make the hot side, the colder the cold side will get (by a fixed difference). Now with an ultrasonic vaporizer you generate a mist from the excited water (it's warmed so therefore more excited) and push that through the heat sink on the cold side of the peltier with a fan. The combined evaporative effect, the moisture ladened air, and the super cooled peltier (cooling a heatsink over a large area) generates a very nice localized cooling of ones cube without the large belching of hot air you previously spoke of. The thrice daily trips to the water cooler keeps the tub filled for your cooling excitement. Be careful of keyboard issues and the growth of some funky mold from the elevated humidity.

I love the design. It reminded me of the service robots from the 70's film Silent Running. I'm not sure about the environmental unfriendliness of the peltier cooler method, but i'm typing this on a desktop PC which is probably throwing out enough heat to heat my house. So I will offer an idea... Evaporative Cooling. Maybe modify the design to have a water reservoir, and use the fan to blow air through a wet rotating belt. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Evaporative_coolerhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/E...

Better Than Nothing! I love it! Dry as hell, with a twist :)

Why don't you make a tube adapter (or new project) to throw the hot air out? You can use something like this: http://www.mscdirect.com/product/48569529http://www.mscdirect.com/produ...

BTN - Better Than Nothing, Love it!

Wait, but there has to be heat exiting somewhere too; where does that go? Won't it just make the room hotter overall?

You are correct sir!

When I say "..a gentle breeze of slightly cooler air blown on your face..." in the description I meant it! This gizmo can be classified as "superfluous technology" that does nothing more than blow a cool breeze in one direction while belching warm air out the back.

Thermoelectric cooling is really not appropriate for cooling air. It is alright at conducting heat to/from materials making contact with the element, but there are just way to many holes in air. :)

This is to air conditioners as the Stair-Master is to marathon running.

But it was a good exercise in design and makes an interesting tschotske.

LOL! I love your apologetic approach, and it is some very nice design work.

Dang, I was hopeful with it being so hot out. Still, lovely design as always.