Kidney Grill Clip Replacement for BMW vehicle

by murat Jun 30, 2013
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Thank you for uploading this part. I was going to model one myself, but I tried your part first and it worked great on my '04 M3.

Will it work at 39? Has anyone tried it?

I tried - does not fit

The 2mm and 2.5mm are the same part.
The file without the size is actually the 2mm part.

I didn't have to use the 2mm part, for all clips I used the 2.5mm one. The top fit perfect, but the length of the bottom clips had to be trimmed 1mm to clip in properly. These work great and beat having the duct tape that's been holding my kidney grills in for the past year. Thanks for this!

Just what I needed!
Like some other commenters, I had to trim and file a bit to get these to fit into the "socket" structure of the grill. Once that's done they are an excellent solution - thanks! I particularly like the small notch that mates with the metal tab of the hood. Nice detail.
There are probably numerous molds for the grills, so that (in addition to printer characteristics) might explain some of the variations people have experienced in fitting. In my case, for a good fit the middle tooth needed to be filed a bit narrower, the gaps between teeth needed to be a bit wider, and the teeth needed to be shortened by about 1/10th inch.


I uploaded the STEP files in case you'd like to modify them. I didn't bother too much in making them exact as over time they loosen up due to heat, especially if printed out of PLA, and they vary from location to location, so I left them a bit oversize instead of ending up too small...


Trimmed to fit. Nice grille fix.

Does anyone have the whole kidney STL model?
I would like to print the whole kidney ;)

A side industry of printed replacement parts seems to be brewing. Soon, we shall print all our replacement parts, I wish! :)

Is it fit to E46 after face lifting?

I wouldn't know. Have you tried?

As you see here http://www.thingiverse.com/make:238581 it fits ;)

Kidney Grill Clip Replacement for BMW vehicle
by mentos

Ok, they need a lot of trimming because the size and shape does not fit perfectly but after a bit of trimming it des the job well!
Thanks ;)

Works very perfect. The clip is very fit and tight. Exactly what i needed. Mine has E46 1999 and has same problem.

Works like a charm, thanks !

You're welcome, enjoy!

WORKED! THANK YOU! I printed in ABS using a rather upscale 3D printer. I had to trim down the "toes" to get them far enough into the housing to allow the grille to pop back into the car, but since this fix was basically free, I'm overjoyed.

I love you if this works....