1st Printed ESRA Talking Robot

by pattonsrobots Jun 30, 2013
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Insanely cool project! :D

I have found that where the gears connect to the servos for the mouth, it just printed out a hole where the servos attached. Where am I supposed to go from here? I was thinking this is a great project for my grand children and their school. But, I can't get it working correctly. I found this out AFTER I had printed the whole robot. My wife is very angry at me saying that I cannot do anything useful with the 3 D printer. I have a Flash-Forge and it is a Replica of the Makerbot Replicator1. Please help!!!

Hi there
Sorry, I haven't been here in quite awhile. Got side tracked on several other non-printing projects. I'm not quite sure what you mean. Can you post a picture somewhere. I'll be checking back frequently.

I would like to know how many mm or inches the eyes are. Thanks,

There seems to be some problems with the STLs and running them through Netfabb really cannot fix them. Specifically, the gears where the pins go through to form the mouth is all wrong, improperly joined etc. The nose too suffers from this same problem. I'm not sure how your slicer got around these issues, but for sure Skeinforge is very unhappy and the parts you get out will not be strong.

Sorry if that is negative, this is a cool project but I halfway expected to hear other folks complaining, maybe they haven't yet printed those parts. Again, this isn't just an SF slicer issue, there are problems with the STL files in how the cylinders are joined to the gears and the nose is the same way and Netfabb confirms this.

I have never used Skeinforge...you are right, it fails miserably with the files. I'll play with it tonight and see if I can get it into a format that works.....again sorry about the hassle

So, is the main issue that the pins are not "added" to the primary gear assembly...if so, that is true and an easy fix on this end. Let me know, I am happy to do whatever with the tools that I have. Sorry for the hassle

Well, I just used slic3r
I'm happy to try to change anything....
I Used Turbocad to draw the parts, I certainly don't mind posting them any way you would like

Congrats I actually saw this first on my facebook because Solidoodle is talking about it, and then I go to Thingiverse and bam it's there too! congrats from a fellow Solidoodle user.

:D :D so stupid guy :D

Indeed, this is great! I also like your youtube channel. Just wondering that you dont have that much attention there.

Do I need digital servos or does the electronic also handle analog servos or digital hitec mini servos?

I'm just using the affordable HS-311 non-digital servos. I have actually never tried using digital servos with the mini maestro. I can't imagine why it wouldn't

Sorry, but this is awesome.
Good job,, wanna follow this up for sure !

Thanks, Let me know if you have problems w the software. I still have some bugs to get out.