Bedlam cube

by Rob65 Jun 30, 2013
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Warning!!!!! THE BOX IS SOLID AND MUST BE PRINTED USING SOMETHING THE MAKER CALLS "VASE MODE"........ be warned... I ended up printing this all night to discover the "error" in the morning... way to far along on the other parts to scrap the run... what a waste... sorry, but this is silly on an otherwise nice puzzle...

I would also point out that the box is the same size as the printed cube when it is assembled. The cube is 2.5 inches square.

Well, the instructions state you have to print the box in vase mode. Always check the printing instructions, single wall items are always posted as "solid" model and are to be printed in "vase" or "spiral vase" mode. A designer never knows what the extrusion thickness is so posting the model as a box could result in printing 2 perimeters or even nothing when the wall is too thin.

Regarding the size - I have printed at least 5 of these and all fit perfectly well.

Regarding the piece called "blue-3"......this piece seems to have a small "lip" on one of the edges and I was curious if that was correct? It makes it the only one in the collection with such an extra bit of height past a junction point (and it's the only piece you must print with support). Should it have this extra lip or should that bit be shaved/edited off?

Yes, the STL for blue-3 is flawed. Two of the five cubes that make up the part are short in one dimension (14.74 mm rather than 15.00 mm). I happened to print it with this three-square face down. The first layer printed only one square (the 15 mm one). The other two squares (with the 14.74 mm dimension) didn't start until the second layer, which printed as a bridge (since the slicer thought it was printing over air, which I guess technically it was). Rather than try to fix the part in Fusion 360 (editing an imported mesh is a pain), I just recreated it from scratch with consistent measurements. It came out fine.

I don't see that "lip" when opening in Simplify3D. What viewer/slicer are you using?

Trying to figure how to send you a screenshot.....I imported all of the pieces into Tinkercad to create a cube at 150% scale. Only reason I saw it was trying to rotate that piece for printing a saw the extra bit. It may not make any big difference, based on tight your general tolerances are for the fit. Didn't see any of the other pieces with this.

Can't send attachments thru here, so just dropped it on another web site that I maintain for a client:


BTW.....will be giving this to an 23 y/o autistic man who loves puzzles.....any chance you have any sort of instruction for at least one of the combinations?

Hmm... it seems like I made one of those "tolerances added later" bugs. It should not matter too much though, there are enough tolerances to make everything fit.

The solution is given ;-)
The first photo shows 3 sides of the cube, the 3rd photo a 4th. I was able to make the puzzle using just the first photo. Problem is that I gave away all cubes made so I don't have one myself anymore :-(

I was using the pics as a guide, thanks.....guess I was hoping for an "assemble-by-numbers' guide. :)

Probably just more impatience than ability.

Comments deleted.

Am I the only one that notices that the box isn't hollow? It shows as a solid box. I can edit it, but I thought someone else might notice

yes... it is solid... and it sucks to run the group of parts all night to discover this...

Yes, it is a solid box - for a reason.
The box has to be printed in "vase mode". This means that your slicer program only prints the bottom and the outer wall.

By providing it as a solid, the slicer known (by using the vase mode) it should print the outside only as a wall of 1 layer thick. When a hollow box would have been drawn, the slicer would have created a box with the given wall thickness but that takes longer and (depending on your printer/slicer combo) even might give an ugly product.

Vase mode does not exist in Makerbot Desktop Software. Are you using Simplify3d?

Yes, but slic3r and KISSlicer also support vase mode.

Nice print. Horrible puzzle! It's just very,very difficult but with no logical way to find a solution. I much prefer puzzles that can be worked out, given a reasonable amount of time and a methodical approach. Bedlam cube just never gave me any sense of satisfaction at all.

It's indeed a very difficult puzzle. I guess you have to be a member of MENSA to be able to see the logic in this one ;)

I've still got some other puzzles and one of those is a 6 piece interlocking puzzle that I think you'll like. I will post a new one next week.

and thanks for the nice print! Printed on a Leapfrog Creatr using KISSlicer. There is absolutely no post processing on any of the parts, except from peeling of small pieces of the raft with my finger nails

there is tetris cube You could make it too, make it compatible and see if you can make at least one cube out of two sets of those puzzles, or solve them separetly

It's a soma puzzle! Popular in the 70's.

The Bedlam cube is indeed a version of the Soma cube but unless some soma cubes that are very easy to solve, this puzzle proves to be difficult to solve.

The design was created by Bruce Bedlam. Bruce is working on solving one of the most difficult puzzles mankind is still facing, see http://www.stonehenge.tv/http://www.stonehenge.tv/