Solidoodle Jigsaw Replacement Extruder mk5

by lawsy Jul 1, 2013
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Thank you for your design. It resurrected my old printer. It was a great fit with minor tweaks, and super handy to have a spare pre printed on hand.

i am having some problems with the tension assembly allowing the bearing to collapse and bind against the main body. Has anyone seen this? I printed at 75% fill with abs.

for more detail see my post. (issue starts around post 49)

I picked up a used Solidoodle 2 Expert with the original acrylic jigsaw extruder off Craigslist last summber. It's been sitting unused in basement until a few weeks ago. The 3D printer seems to be in excellent shape (or so I thought) and I haven been able to print a few things. Last night I was in the middle of a print when the filament clogged. While I was taking the extruder apart the acrylic cracked/broke. Maybe it was already cracked/broke, who knows. Anyway I was able to superglue it back together and I got it printing again. I remember seeing you could print a replacement extruder.

Before I take the extruder apart again I just wanted to know:

  1. Is this the right extruder for a Solidoodle 2 Expert?
  2. Is it ok to use PLA for a extruder?

Thanks, JRMN

I have the mk4 extruder on my SD3, i'm not sure if the carriage design changed between SD2 and 3. Best bet is to measure the bolt spacing on the "jigsaw" where it mounts to the carriage on the bottom. If its the same as the mk4/mk5 (mine looks like 22.5mm center to center on the mounting bolts, would have to take it apart to get a good measurement.) then you should be in business.

I would NOT use PLA for an extruder. With an E3D hotend with an active fan cooling the top, or something with really good insulation around the melt zone, you might be able to get away with it. ABS has higher temperature resistance than PLA and will take more heat without warping/softening. Probably better idea to grab a roll of ABS. and an extra hotend while your at it if you have already been printing PLA. I keep one dedicated for PLA, and one for ABS, mixing them tends to cause epic uncleanable clogs in the nozzle.

Thanks for replying. I have a spool of ABS, but I am not able to print with ABS. When I try to head my hot end above 220 degrees i get errors and have to restart it. I figured I will leave it alone for now because it's printing just fine. I think I will buy a ABS extruder online just as a back up. Now all I have to figure out is which one fits.

You may be reaching the desired temperature, the original hotends don't have the most accurate temps.

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My hot end doesn't fit to the body.

Printed and the hot-end doesn't seem to line up with the filament (seems to be too far out).

Edit: i have gotten the filament to get in somewhat but it's not correct, the filament will pop out behind the bearing, as shown http://imgur.com/sQ8kl09

Move your bearing back on the shaft, take the bolt out and rearrange washers on either side of it till it lines up perfectly with the hobbed section on the drive pulley. Then it should be smooth sailing.

For those who want to know, this is /not/ compatible with the E3D V6.
The heat-sink on the V6 does not fit into the body.

Have you tried my replacement? http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:759725

Solidoodle Jigsaw Extruder Replacement w/ Fan Shroud and Receiver - MK5 Compatible for Hexagon and Other Hotends.

Will this work on the Solidoodle 4 with the e3d extruder?

Any thoughts on if a professionally printed resin version would be a better alternative to the PLA or ABS (or what is the suggested material?)

I have a solidoodle 2 pro model and I'm going to upgrade to E3D v6 hot end. Is this compatible to it?
My stock hot end actually broke down, is anyone willing to print this for me? How much to print plus shipping to Singapore? PM the prices thanks.

this extruder is amazing, however, when i print at high temperatures or with flexible pla, the filament inbetween the extruder gear and the hot end bends and gets stuck, does anyone have a solution for this?

Im also having this same problem with regular printing conditions with ABS and PLA. I switched to this; http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:340445 a remix designed for printing flexible filaments and the filament still managed to escape. Also I switched to a E3D extruder so I could print at higher temperatures which just made the problem worse.

Lawsy's MK5 solidoodle extruder for ninjaflex
by MikeT71

I'm getting the same thing but with regular PLA or ABS filament, it kinks before going into the hot-end and then the extruder roller proceeds to keep feeding filament till I end up with a birds nest between the rollers and the top of the peek, and nothing coming out the nozzle. It seems to be OK most of the time, but I have been trying to print a large model and I haven't been able to finish it without this happening part-way through after half a dozen tries. I even designed a guide to try and prevent the kink, but it didn't work. I have increased my print temps in case it is due to too much resistance in the peek, but it hasn't made any difference and I'm at a loss on how to fix it. It was working fine for months until now. I have ensured my hobbed roller and the pressure bearing are centered with each other so the filament can't easily pop out the side.

This is a bit late, but I had the same issue. In my case, it was a print where the filament would retract then extrude so much that a section of it would get squished by repeatedly going through the hobbed bolt. I solved it by turning off the retract for that print.

Does this require new nuts and bolts, or does cannibalizing the stock extruder provide all that is needed?

To answer my own question, yes, if you Frankenstein it a bit. Use no bolt to hold lock arm, use accessory mount to block it in, though friction is probably good enough. No top left bolt in filament guide, it's too long, right one alone is sufficient but still too long and it backs out fan screw some when socked up. After that you even have some M3 cap and hex heads left over.
Thinking this thing might even be made more minimalist. Locking arm might be omitted and accessory mount beefed up and re-shaped some to take its place. Filament guide might be chopped off since left hole is not really required. Don't really need end stops on both sides and don't really need a bolt hole for the right one, just a bump.
I have had a couple of sets of these printed out and in storage for some time but I have been limping along with a pair of the glass ones from the vendor and rebuilding them as needed then one finally disintegrated. Now I am not sure how I ever got along without tool less hot end replacement and an accessible filament path.
For you flexi folks it looks like there might be room to mount a lower guide coming off of the locking arm bolt, or maybe integrated into the accessory mount, if you think that will help.

A fabulous model... I have replaced the jigsaw on my SD2 and have been using it for a couple months now. I am really pleased with the results... in fact I created a Thingiverse account just so I could say "Thanks" to Lawsy. I recommend anyone with a Solidoodle print one of these in advance of needing it... I really wish Solidoodle had used a design like this on their new printers... it makes maintenance sooo much easier.

As for that filament guide not slicing... I had the same problem but found that it had been repaired an reposted here http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:168329http://www.thingiverse.com/thi...

Filament guide wont Slice. Only slices the squre dovetail part, and leaves the rest out? What am i doing wrong..

I'm having trouble slicing the filament guide, anyone else having issues? When I try to slice the part only a small portion of the part slices.

I have the same problem. How do I fix?

My solidoodle acrylic extruder just broke and I'm having a friend print this one for me. He is having troubles printing the right part which I believe is called the tension arm. Would I be able to use my existing tension arm with the bearing on the other pieces in this print?

Absolutely yes. You should be able to change tension arms back and forth between the original and this one.

Thank you for more great parts and keep up the good work. As for the SKP file it could make better use of well named components, have unused components purged and have a useful outline. Not many folks use the outliner, or components for that matter, but for a part this complex It would be very helpful.

I am not sure why the instructions say to print ALL parts. It looks like there is an choice between the beveled body or not and both of the accessory parts appear to be optional. Please clarify that.

guys try slicing it in slic3r it´s self, then export the g-code and put it into reptier host, thats what worked for me...

I'm stuck too, it will not Slice no matter what settings I use for Slic3r

when trying to print the filament guide i have problems with slic3r. after slicing i end up with gcode that will only print the portion to hold the thumbscrew. The print is missing the entire left screwhole and the portion that the filament feeds through. any ideas as to what im doing wrong?

Looks like a NO, Bummer, bottom right bolt is not lined up right..

Hi, will this work on a SD3 ?
Thanks G

I was able to get it to attach to my SD3 without any modifications. By bottom right bolt, do you mean the one that holds it to the carriage or the one attached to the motor?

Just a tip for everyone... Don't print this in PLA... It won't work too well...

Yeah that fabric isnt cutting it. Going to try again with PLA hopefully the warped extruder will work well enough to finish it again. Going to try to insulate with this...


Yeah using the heat resistant material around the peek helped although the piece is already warped. Will need to prit another.

Went to Jo-Ann's fabric and found heat resistant material. A sort of coton with heat reflective metal in the middle. Probably not the best but it works.

Might be from warping but for some reason the extruder is quite a bit higher after installation. Which is odd since it warped downwards. I don't know if I just installed it incorrectly or what but the bed really had to be raised to bring it up to the extruder properly

Yeah i printed it in PLA, its melting D:... I have some insulator fabric im going to put inbetween there and the PEEK see if that helps.

Hey Lawsy, I printed this and fitted it today, and its working OK, however I noticed that on retraction the peek/extruder nozzle flicks forward and then back again once extrusion resumes. It is a very noticeable movement (couple of mm at least). I believe that removing the wood piece is the cause (as it prevented this type of movement). Did I miss something when assembling, or is this a design limitation? I noticed it on a very simple part with 'retract on new layer' enabled and it does it on every layer change. I tried to record a video with my phone if that will help.

No such issues here - the brace + a blank mount means its impossible for the extruder to move on this design - do you have that in place ?

I have the locking arm, plus the MK5 fan shroud & bracket installed. There is nothing really stopping the extruder from wobbling in the slot. The old design had the top of the peek hard/flush up against it in its slot, and the wood piece at the bottom screwed on, to secure it at both top and bottom, this is only held in the middle via the slot on the peek, making it possible to have this see-saw effect.

Mine is wedged in tightly when the locking arm is closed. Perhaps try printing the main body with the flow rate bumped up to give it a tighter fit?

I also had a problem with the locking arm wobbling, and with the m3 not holding it in well. I wonder if a retained nut could be integrated below the locking arm, to help clamp it in.

Yeah I will try that, here is the vid (sorry for crap quality). http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TK_W5Kg-p_chttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v...

I decided to modify the accessory clip so that it holds the peek in place, so far it seems to have done the trick. http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:118655http://www.thingiverse.com/thi...

Modified accessory mount for Solidoodle jigsaw replacement extruder MK5

Small piece of wood is no longer needed. You don't need to destroy it to remove it, however, mine is still in one piece in storage.

The solidoodle hot end has a small piece of wood on it. I think I need to remove it before using this extruder? I would like to check before destroying it.

Works fine with the E3D hotend itself, but the end-stop bosses foul with the E3D fan shroud. The bosses need to move outwards 2mm's or so each...

I do have a new mount coming in the next week or so. I don't have a J-head to test but surely it wouldn't be as bulky as my diy hot end.

Are you planning to do a new fan mount / duct, preferably one that works with the J-head? Oh man, that would be nice.

awesome! thanks lawsy