RBA - House 2

by rba Jul 1, 2013
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Really like the model and the house. Currently printing it, and I'm about halfway done. Thanks!

Hey love this piece, do you happen to have files for the car and the people? I haven't been able to find any good ones around

First thanks for share this design! I've been wanting so much to achieve it but I have problems with one file (misc parts). The slicer (cura in this case) shows the normal view different than the layers: It doesn't show the cilinder and the borders of the rectangular objects and of course it prints what it shows in the layer view, which is the problem. I've tried meshmixer and netfabb and nothing yet :( These two both show or say that there is indeed a problem with the model. I am a novice so I really do not know much hahaha I just wanna achieve this

Could you please help me?



Ps. I added some screen shots

The only thing we could suggest is that perhaps the layer height 0.3mm and in particular the shell thickness of 1.2m is too thick for these delicate parts. On the images you have attached the only one that appears to be displaying incorrectly is the chimney and the roof for the chimney piece, however the others would print quite thick and not as delicate as required with those settings. Perhaps try 0.2mm layer height and the minimum shell thickness that your machine is capable of and slice it again.



Great model, what are dimensions of the assembled model?

Nice work
Would you share the support free STL files ?
Thank you!


Unfortunately this is how we modeled it so we don't have one without the support elements, however the supports are designed to be very easy to cut out.



Can't quite work out where all the misc parts go from the pics. Some assembly instructions pls?

Hi Maddavo,
There are four fence panels that go out the front, two louvre panels (one small, one large) that go on the windows on the second storey front and back (I think there are two of these types in file, one with smaller apertures, one with larger apertures, take your pick) Then there are 3 louvre panels that go between the columns in the outdoor area and the flat canopy that juts out from the side of the house near the entrance door. (as well as the chimney and roof over the service area next to the garafe)
I think that is all. If I've left anything out let me know, and if you are making a model of it we would love to see it!

Amazing work! Do you have an approximate idea of how long (in total) did the prints take?

Hi Fernando,

Total print time for this model was about 24 hours, with some of the larger pieces taking up to 5 hours to print. It took quite a while longer to actually get all the pieces printed successfully as we had some issues with curling and a few other issues, but the whole model came together in about a week. Thankfully you can always work on other things while the bot is printing!
The model is also quite large being almost half a metre in length.

Thanks for your comments,


Amazing! Do you have the models of the car and the persons??

Hi Alfalfasecas,

Unfortunately we haven't yet found a model that works on our printer for cars or people so these ones are just from the local hobby shop. If you find some .stl's that work be sure to let us know.


Very impressed with your design , already started printing it . But did you design the whole house at once using Archicad then my question is how did you end up with 8 .stl files for it ? In other words did you use Archicad to split the house or used something else?

Thanks Gaganesh,
Yes Archicad was used to split the model into suitable chunks to fit the build plate, and also to make it possible for clients to easily view the different spaces. If you do print the pieces it would be really good to see how it prints for you so be sure to send us a photo of your results.



fantastic work! your posts are going to exponentially boost sales for makerbot to the architectural community... with the price point and the proven possibilities you show, how every firm doesn't have at least one bot and a dedicated bot-monkey (like ourselves) at this point is beyond me... keep 'em coming... cheers!

Thanks Phil - we would love to see what other architectural practices are doing with the Bot. There is a lot of knowledge developed with the use of the printer specific to the type of objects modelled.