Glow Stick Candelabra

by Bioluminescence Aug 30, 2011
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What should I use to draw all the parts together?

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I am new to this 3d stuff I have a cubex so if I print this do I need any supports at all for any of the parts? thank you

No - none of the parts needed any support to print. I designed it when I didn't really understand support, and I didn't have a printer that handled 'islands' in the print either - which is why the glowstick cups have that ridge between the outer and inner object. I should probably remake this with what I've learned since :)

RepG is choking on the cup skein. That's weird.

Did you find out what wrong with cap? I have the same problem

My print is done but I'm having trouble finding glow sticks.. Some local dollar stores have a few of the necklace variety but not regular glow sticks.

I found a bag of 6" glow sticks in the local party supply store - though it seems they stock a far greater number and variety of the necklace, bangle and 4" ones.

I have no doubt, however, that in the run up to Halloween, there'll be a massive increase in availability.

Found some! There was a party supply place downtown that had them in stock.

I didn't use any skewers or threaded rods in my print - the solvent that I use to weld parts together makes for extremely strong bonds, even on my two-part arm pieces. (Plastruct Bondene - http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2557/4194230631_afc43f4247.jpg)http://farm3.static.flickr.com...

How hard would it be for you to make the arms hollow (~1.5mm radius)? This would allow small wires to be run for powering LED glowsticks. I am poking some holes with openscad but they aren't very elegant.

I'm giving it a go right now - should finish printing in half an hour or so, and we'll find out if it's usable or not.

Very nice! On the base the overhang on the first lip is hard to print...I made this mod to give it support. Import to openscad and "translate([0,0,31.4]) cylinder(r1=10,r2=15.2,h=5,$fn=24);" that will add a nice support under it and it looks good too.

if you add my support mod above you'll need to difference a hole in the center or you can drill it out. I used a threaded rod I had on hand to attach mine together.

Seems threaded rod is the way to go - I'll have to see if I can get some for my own - I appear to have accidentally picked a relatively popular radius for the core.

I hope your overhang modification will help others - I've no experience with OpenSCAD, so I honestly don't know what voodoo you have wrought :) Makes a good print though.

I love this. It's really cool! The idea to use glowsticks is innovative, and the way you broke it up to assembled into a large print is useful too.

I have worked on 3d printed candles before at shapeways, but sculpting into them an LED and coin battery housing. It works pretty well, but needs a tweak.

You inspired me to go back to the drawing board for an idea I had to use a maglite in the base of a candle, and then sculpt the hollow candle
above it as a diffuser. It's in the works now, but what I really wish ....

And I hope thingiverse folks are listening here ;)

What I really wish for is a button that identified something as "inspired by". There are so many great ideas that spark new great ideas here at Thingiverse. And the new
things that are made are not necessarily derivative products. When I am thankful for an idea that came to me as a result of enjoying someone else's idea .. I really wish I could give them credit for the inspiration even though the new piece is entirely different.

Until then, I might make a habit
of writing it into the description ... yeah! That's what I'll do :)

I'm honored to have sparked some ideas :) You've got me thinking about how we can improve upon candles with a 3d print now. Looking forwards to seeing what you come up with!

I used these LED glow sticks from Target http://www.flickr.com/photos/tbuser/6103970201/in/photostream/http://www.flickr.com/photos/t...

Also, I found that 1/4" threaded rod can be twisted into the parts instead of bamboo skewers. That extra mass inside gives the whole thing a nice weight. :)

Tony! I'm jealous that you finished your print before me. :)

lol sorry, if my MakerBot isn't running 24/7 I feel like I'm missing out on something. :)

I know what you mean! Print time's a wasting!

That's a lovely print - and it looks great in safety orange :D

Good tip on the threaded rod too - it could certainly do with feeling a little weightier, but I had nothing other than the bamboo skewers to use.

Fantastic! This is definitely the next project that I'm going to print.

Hmm.. Maybe not. I've never had a good raftless print, and especially not one that takes the whole build surface. I tried printing the base with a raft that extended only a tiny bit from the edge of the object but there was some warping.

Might try another version scaled down to 75%.

I used Netfabb Studio Basic to split the base into quarters and cut the arm pieces in half. I'll try printing that way today.

This looks awesome. Now I just need a piano to put this on top next to my printed bust. :)

Now a piano would be a rather extensive print ;)

That's cool :) When the glow sticks run out, you could drain
amp; refill with silicone and pop a green LED in the bottom of each!

I'd love some suggestions for better/longerlasting replacements for the glow sticks - the ones I have aren't so great after even just an hour, though they have a faint glow for up to 8 hours later. A printable 'pseudo candle' would be ideal - maybe in transparent or white?

I use ABS ashtrays for my cigars so I will probably use candles. I would not advise anyone else to do that however.

Good luck to you (please don't burn yourself to a crisp) but I'd love to see a photo when you've got it up and running. Especially if the candles drip - very atmospheric.

Awesomeness covered with win
amp; wrapped in bacon. :-D