Thrift Store Ancient Relic -- Digitized!

by MakerBot Jul 5, 2013
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To me it looks like "Pakal" but he usually appears on side face, not looking to the front + the style of the sculpture is more like aztec
I found this https://es.dreamstime.com/imagenes-de-archivo-estatua-azteca-mexicana-de-madera-image19820054 which made me think he is "Tonatiuh" (aztec god of the sun) but it also looks somewhat similar to "Chaac" (mayan god of rain-water)
He also looks like "Itzamná" whose story and reference is actually very weird, he was a priest who helped develop mayan language and culture. But whats awesome here is that when he converted on a god "he got linked to the face of the sun and the rain" considered as "El señor de los cielos, de la noche y del día"

So im not sure if its him, but considering him "Itzamna" is probably the best and closest to whom he really is and you make allusion to both gods, just be sure to say "Itzamna mayan statue with aztec style" and that way you honor/mix both cultures and dont make gods angry (we dont want Sun and Rain gods angry, do we??? )

[Mayan and Aztecs where close cultures, they used to travel all the way up to where aztecs where to trade with them and with the time they adopted some of their gods for example Quetzalcoatl whose name was changed in their culture to kukulkan so theres a huge probability that their sun and rain gods mixed in this weird Itzmna person. Theres no full story as a lot of the aztecs records where destroyed and mayans disappeared so what i like to do is that kind of inclusive deductions which consider both cultures and in the case those gods existed, makes them both happy]

Can you use digitizer to scan object and then print the opposite so that you would have a case/cover for the object?

You could probably import the STL file into openSCAD then subtract it from a solid block, or whatever shape you want the case to be

That's a better scan than the one I saw the other day. It still looks like melted wax. How large of a point cloud can this scanner capture?

it's probably better because of the weathering in the creases.

just a guess though