Sabre Next Generation hand / rubber band launched glider

by exosequitur Nov 6, 2015
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After 3 tries I got the settings right and now I have a working glider. Now to see if it flies...

We made 7 of these, they are an absolute hoot, thank you so much for sharing with the community.
You've made a whole pack of kids happy for a while!
Prints easily and consistently, flies really well: best glider we've printed!

I made this to hold the tail while glue dries.

Excellent, something like this for the wing section would also be very useful

Hey Skiid, Works great, thanks for sharing! BTW it works with the Katana model too.

For this model are you gluing the tail up in v formation or just pressing it up and letting it stay there. If I glue it it looks much more pronounced than your picture.

Also for the main wings how are you bending them up ? Mine is printed in ABS

What a fantastic design ! Thank you very much,this little glider is so much fun !
Assembly tip: super glue hardly bonds ABS plastics. I prefer making a "solder joint", using acetone and a small brush. The joints become as tough as if it was printed in one single piece.

Your technique for folding the wings and the tail up to the correct angle(in a single print) is genius. Thanks.

I printed it in PLA. Flies very well, so the material is no problem. However only fly it on a large lawn. I did a few times on concrete grounds and every time it broke when crushed on the ground. PLA is too brittle for crash landings.

I scaled mine down 5% and printed fine. It flys like a bat out of hell! Fast! It has crashed dozens of times and it still keeps going!

Wonderful thank you

Здорово, отличная модель, побежал печатать для детишек, автор молоток!

Scaled down to 90% on xy layer to fit my bed, but the flyer broke at first landing! Damn!

Try rotating it, so it fits

Assembly instructions are very unclear. Please fix!

I guess the problem might be somewhere else...

what size rubber bands do u use for the launcher???

What type of glue do you use for PETG?

Gluing Together PETG 3D Prints
Much like almost any other 3D printing material, cyanoacrylate super glue and accelerator work perfectly to cement two parts together.Sep 11, 2017
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how have I to bend the rear wings ?

I printed it easily and it fly great !!! Amazing plane, long fly !

I enjoy a lot with it, try it !

I have printed and built one and it flies great! And I love the way how it is being bent and glued together.


I believe there is a smaller version, but I scaled mine down and the wings became too thin when removing that piece that sticks to the bottom of the prints on a makerbot. Dissapointing because I was trying to demonstrate the cool things 3D printers could do at the time, and it didn't turn out well. Will look into smaller version though. Also, instructions were sorta unclear and confusing.

what size rubber bands do u use for the launcher

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