Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

The Beest

by EvenErichsen Nov 8, 2015
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Hi! any news on instructions or even a BOM? i would love to try this just need a little bit more information :D Thanks!

Loki2020 - you need at least two of print nr 29. Preferably six...

To build this machine, I only have to print 1 time each file ?

Thanks for your time. Excelent project.

Damn, I didnt notice that!
Yes, the holes are meant to be countersunk..
I have replaced the file now.
Thanks for the info :)

This is really cool but looks like some of the STLs didn't export right? Check the holes on the underside of part 1, is that meant to be a countersink?

you should make an adapter in order to place this tub into a waterproof container and place a shaft on the turning arm and place a trubine blade on the end in order to put in a steam or use it like a windmill

I work for an energy company. I'm going to print this and assemble it. I think they'll be greatly impressed with this design. If you get any information on the build process, the circuit parts list, etc please share them. This looks like a very fun project.

Hi Even Nice to see this project on Thingyverse
I am have a lot of Knowledge on free energy and very efficient motors and generators
This design i am going to print and build because i have some knowledge on how to improve this greatly..
Being more electrical and winding knowledgeable my CAD skills are not so good
So seeing this project makes me want to build and improve the IDEA
Hope one day you can see my improved schematics and design and use it also
A+++++ Excellent Project and thanks for sharing.
I have 2 Wanhao D4s printers which are the improved copy of the replicator Dual
i hope i can fit the prints on my printer bed or ill have to seek help
Ether way i will find a way to make this Thing..


Amazing. Must try this when my skills are up to the task.

Most Impressive!
A functional work of art.

That is a beautiful Machine!!!!! <3

Hello, and thanks!
There is no overunity here - you crank, and you get the power....
Filtered 5v or 12v on the banana pins, or through the USB/cigarette connector.
I found an old video: https://youtu.be/Z4HIWI0tqTk

mecanical design is good. Is this a hand cranked power generator? What is the lifetime of the gears? A lot of energy is needed to print this machine. Can we get this energy back by using this machine? It would be a big fitness-center workout.
Maybe I'm wrong when I see only a hand cranked generator. Maybe you will explain something about harvesting the 'free energy' and the machine continously will run by itself. Normally, this will be a violation of the physical law of 'conservation of energy'. In this case, please post videos. If you can explain this and machine is working continously, next nobel prize will be for you.
If not, I believe, it is only a big print for my museum of printed things. If I like to have a perpetuum mobile that doesn't work, I prefer http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:44185 . It is faster to print.

Perpetual motion, Leonardo da Vinci
by RichMac

A solar panel will provide more power and have less challenge. Otherwise hook a alternator up to a bicycle for more power and less effort.

Hello faggahz. I believe that the author never stated that this is a source of "free energy", neither a perpetual motion machine.

It's just for fun. You are right, it takes a lot of time and energy to build.
But it's worth if you build it with your kids (for example), while teaching them interesting things about physics and electronics :D

Another amazing design.
Do you have any video of it being cranked?

Awesome design - great job! I vote for Featured as well.

This better darn get featured..

Oh it will get featured, he used a Makerbot Replicator so that pretty much guarantees it! LOL

One of my designs got featured, and I haven't spent a cent with makerbot...