WOPR from War Games

by Corey Nov 9, 2015
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I have attempted to print this out as indicated in the 3D model picture you have included. I am using Cura to slice the model. I selected the support option and it's absolutely impossible to get all the supports it printed off the model after its done printing. Can you suggest the best way to go about printing this model? I am new to 3D printing as well. Thanks!

I have printed several of them, both with and without supports. Best results (for me) are obtained with supports ONLY around the perimeter overhang at the bottom and supporting the top of the big wrap-around LED panel. The hollow inside doesn't need supports at-all. I use Simplify3D for my slicer which makes it easy to only use supports in certain areas. Highly recommended, it saves time AND material. Cheers, c

In what orientation did you print it? When I load it my slicer has it laying on it's back. Is it best to print it sitting upright? Thanks.

I print it in the same orientation that it appears in the film.

Thanks! I added an Arduino with LED display board inside so that the lights alternate. I've added a video to show how it looks. Cheers, c

can anyone give me the dimensions the LED panels you're using?

It's just an arduino with a LOL Shield on it. Dimensions here: https://core-electronics.com.au/lol-shield-white-a-charlieplexed-led-matrix-kit-for-arduino-1-5.html Available much cheaper on eBay, Aliexpress, etc. Cheers, c

Awesome job!! BTW thick coat of paint and a pin let you turn off some of the lights.