Refrigerator Beer / Pop Can Holder / Dispenser

by MR2C280 Nov 9, 2015
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Love the design! :) One question tho!

  • How tall it is assembled? My fridge is hella small -.-

I'm not near my computer at the moment but it should be just over 133mm high (that's 2 can diameters plus 1cm for the inclined shelf). If you can stack 2 cans on their sides and have a centimetre or two to spare you should be OK. Of course, you could always print one piece of one sidewall and test it.

I have to say that this is a GREAT print. It serves a specific purpose and serves it extremely well.
I had a store bought one of these years ago and knew this would be a great way to replace it.

Thank you also to the user that figured out the Monster can scaling as well.

A+++ on this design. i will post pictures of my make as soon in the next couple of days.

I'm almost done printing the whole thing and started to assemble it.
A note to you is that the pieces fit VERY tight together.
You could have left 0.2mm more room to the parts I think.
I understand the "push fit" thought but with my printer it does not work at all.
I printed it with a 0.4 nozzle and 0.2 layer hight.
60mm/sec in cura.

Hi Pady,

You're right, I probably did overestimate the accuracy of 3D printers but I reckon it's better to have to sand or file the pieces a bit and have a tight fit than end up with a wobbly structure.

I see that you're using a K8200. That was my first printer also, and I, too, had to sand to fit the cross pieces. I now have a Prusa MK2.5 and, although I've not tried it, suspect that, printed on it, they would fit more easily. By the way, I don't know what the numbers are for the original but if you've installed the K8204 lead screw upgrade, using that M8 1.5mm pitch 1.8° screw means that your layers should be a multiple of 0.0075mm so you can't do 0.2mm layers. Try 0.1950 instead (although it is capable of stopping at 0.2mm, that position is a microstep and, when power to the Z axis motor ceases after a few seconds, the Z axis will move to the nearest whole step which is 0.2025).

Anyway, I'd love to know how it works out for you. Please upload a photo of the final product.

Could you identify which parts are required to print each version please.

Hi Steve,

Good suggestion! The number of parts has grown as people have requested special versions. I can see how it's become confusing. I've updated the description with:

Parts Required
Depending on which version you are making you will need different parts:
All versions need the cross pieces (scaled in the width dimension depending on can size):
1x Can_Holder_Shelf_lower_front.stl
1x Can_Holder_Shelf_lower_rear.stl
1x Can_Holder_Shelf_middle_front.stl
1x Can_Holder_Shelf_middle_rear.stl
3x Can_Holder_Supports_top_x3.stl
1x Can_Holder_front_support
1x Can_Holder_front_stop.stl
1x Can_Holder_Support_rear.stl

For a shallow fridge (utilising the fridge's back wall):
2x Can_Holder_Walls_rear_x2.stl (one must be mirrored)
2x Can_Holder_Walls_front_x2.stl (one must be mirrored)

For a deep fridge (freestanding can holder):
2x Can_Holder_Walls_rear_with_backstop_x2.stl (one must be mirrored)
2x Can_Holder_Walls_front_x2.stl (one must be mirrored)
1x Can_Holder_Supports_top_x3.stl

For printing on a small printer (shallow fridge):
2x Can_Holder_3_part_walls_front_x2.stl (one must be mirrored)
2x Can_Holder_3_part_walls_middle_x2.stl (one must be mirrored)
2x Can_Holder_3_part_walls_rear_x2.stl (one must be mirrored)

I've never seriously looked at a UK can but I have this nagging suspicion that cans here in NZ (similar to Oz) might be slightly fatter (in addition to ocassionally being slightly taller)..

I say this as I'm in the process of building this really great design but it looks like clearance at some of the narrower parts might be somewhat problematical. I plan to address this by shortening some of the roof and floor parts. For those considering building this, were I to do it again, I'd probably expand the height by 5-10%.

Ok had to do a rearite as I found that I was confused about what was in the file.

Side wallwise, only the right side is included in the file. This takes the form of either 2 or 3 pieces. The 3 piece seems to be slightly longer so I opted for that.unfortunatelt only the 2 piece seems to have a back wall option which kinda disappoints.

My suggestion to the author is that he design a separate back wall piece which can be glued in regardless of which version is printed.

Hi, thanks for your comments. I believe all of your issues are dealt with in the Print Settings section, please read them carefully. The other comments are useful too.

The stl's don't include lefts and rights, you must print 2 front walls and 2 back walls but one of each must be mirrored. If your cans are 66mm in diameter they will fit without scaling up the height -- you should only be scaling the cross pieces. If they are Australian sized (375ml - 130mm by 66mm) then scale all the cross pieces to 114% (375/330).

OK well I guess that I'll take that constructive criticism on board. There is much more that I could add but feel that it would be a waste of both of our times.

My sugestion regards a back wall stands. A flat piece with a pair of guides on each end would be sufficient. The reason why I suggest ths is that my fridge is deeper than this construction hence is it is theoretically possible for cans to be lost out of the back of it or otherwise jam.

Well, again, as already noted in the summary section:

Update This was originally designed for a small bar fridge. If you have a larger (deeper) fridge, there's now an alternate rear side wall with a slot for inserting a back wall. Print "Can Holder Walls rear with backwall x2.stl" instead and print one extra top shelf to use as a back wall.

So are you saying that:

  • back walls are only available for people who construct the x2 sidewall version?

or are you saying:

  • stupid people like me who construct the 3 part sidewall version aren't entitled to a back wall??

Perfect for those summer weeks when Woolies or Coles have Kirks 12 packs on special

maybe it's a stupid question, but the mirored files should they be mirored in X or Y?

Hmm, never thought about that. Unless I'm being really dim, I don't think it actually matters -- a mirror copy is simply the object reversed. You can do it along the X, Y, or even the Z (although you'd then have to rotate it on the X or Y by 180° to print it).

Using Slic3r PE, you can choose the axis and, looking at any of the three mirrored versions, it appears to produce the other sidewall you'd need to print. When I printed mine I was using Repetier Host and just clicked the "Mirror" icon -- it doesn't offer an axis choice. I guess it figured out the best axis based on fitting it on the platter.

When you're finished your can holder, please upload a photo to the "Made" section -- I'd love to see it. Cheers.

Very good ! But new cans format are not compatible (more long like monster energy, orangina...)... I will try to edit this file for more compatibility !

If the cans are the standard 65mm in diameter then all you should have to do is adjust the scale on the length of the width pieces when printing. It would be worth your time to read through the comments.

Made this for larger 16oz cans (monster energy). Scaled width pieces to 138.25% (top supports, shelves, stops). Posting photos soon.

Excellent. Looking forward to seeing your photos.

Thank you for this idea,
I have a Makerbot clone that can only print 230x150 so I can't print the sides.
Would you be willing to change the design so that there are 3 sideparts 150+150+100 ?

Thanks in advance

Hi FZelle,

Good idea! I've uploaded new side wall stl's labelled Can_Holder_3_part_walls_Front/Middle/Rear that will fit on your printer. Not having made this version, I can't know how strong it will be. On the 2 part wall version, the shelf supports add some strength to the walls. But, if you glue it together well, it should be OK.

After you make and assemble your can holder please be sure to upload a photo in the "Made one" section and let everyone know how you got on.

Sure will do,


Looked at the stl files and unfortunately the front part is ~5mm to big.
maybe 3 parts at 133mm would be better.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

Ummm, the front part is 155x145mm so it should fit on your printer (barely).

The reason I made the cuts where I did was so as not to run them through the holes on the sides. The holes are there to allow you to see how many cans are in the holder and, if they bind when rolling, nudge them with your finger.

Anyway, I've reduced the size of the holes and moved the cut forward so now it's 155x131mm

Printed everything, looks good, but I used the wrong Extrusion multiplier ( for the wrong white filament ).
So everything was over extruded and so every connection has to be sanded and cut away to get everything connected.

But everything else is fine.

When I get it assembled I will post pictures

Thanks again

I probably made the shelves, etc. fit a bit too tight. I was hoping for a push fit without the need for glue. I had to sand mine a bit too. I'll add a note to the post production comments.

I used some very cheap PLA, that is quite uneven.
Will try it at 99% size.

I'm still only playing with the toy ;-)

After years of failed prints and almost giving up on 3D printing I finally learned not to waste time and money on cheap plastic. I now use E3D's "Edge" (a PET) as my go to filament. (Of course it might have been switching from a Velleman K8200 to a Prusa i3 MK2s that made all the difference.)

Thank you again.

In S3D they fit now. I will see in the evening if they workout on the printer.
I will keep you posted.

Hi buddy

Thanks so much for sharing this. I definitely want to print this but wanted to ask a quick Q hopefully you can help. I have a larger fridge and can possibly fit another 2 cans on top and bottom, which will make it 14 cans. I will print 2 so I can fit 28 cans all in as I usually buy 30 pack of diet cokes (I see you are a fan too). I am in the UK so the sizes are perfect.

What would I need to do to increase the size at the back to add 4 more cans and also have the backstop as well?

Much appreciated.

Thanks again, you are awesome!

I'm not sure that it's really possible to just stretch it. There's a total of 10mm in height between the cans at the front and that give 5mm slope to each of the top and bottom rows. That turns out (by pure luck) to be just the right angle to allow the cans to roll smoothly but not gather so much momentum that they break the front stop. It may be possible to simply increase one axis by 40% for the walls and the front to back length of the shelves, cross supports and stops but, not having tried it, I can't guarantee it would fit together right. Might require a bit of post production filing.

If you decide to give it a try I'd love to hear how you get on. Post a photo and print details if it works. Good luck.

I would like to print this up to fit 222mL cans. (A smaller size in the U.S.). The cans appear to be 105mm tall and 56mm in diameter. The math says I need to print at 91% scale. Is there a piece you would suggest I print first to compare against the can? I don't want a surprise when everything is assembled and the cans do not fit.

Yes, 91% would be correct for the length of the shelves and supports. You can print just one shelf and compare it to your can height, if OK, print two mirror side walls (left and right) and test fit the shelf and check the can again. I've never tried 56mm diameter cans but I don't see why they wouldn't work. Let me know how you get on and post a photo.

Thanks for the help. This is in my queue at the moment. I hope to start the printing in a few weeks.

Did you print this with each piece laying flat on the print bed or standing up to fit it in fewer prints?

I layed them flat. I don't think my printer is up to laying them on edge.

I just finished printing this and its smaller than it should. So. the normal soda/beer can will NOT fit. I posted the picture.

I'm not going to say like "oh what a waste of filament!" :D I just learned that I need to measure the parts when I print the first and not at the end . I will try to re print the top and bottom to still use the left and right.

My printer is a prusa i3. I just open the stl in slic3r and generated the gcode for the printer. I had no size problems with other printings.

Thanks for your feedback. This issue of differently sized cans has come up before so I've added the following to the Printing Notes:

CHECK THE SIZE OF YOUR CANS! The shelves and supports are designed for 330ml cans (used in the UK) that are 115mm tall (and 66mm in diameter). If you're using taller cans, increase the 'X' scale on all cross pieces by the factor your cans are taller than 115. For example, Australian cans are 375ml (130mm tall) so increase the length of all shelves, supports and stops by printing at about 114% on the X (or Y scale depending on how you've oriented your prints).

Normal soda/beer can in which country? for instance Australian cans are 375ml and some parts need to be stretched.

the USA and most America Central/South soda/beer can will NOT fit. its around 124mm tall.

If your cans are more than 66mm in DIAMETER, you're right, they won't fit. However, if they are the standard 66mm diameter, adjust the length scale when printing the shelves, supports and stops by, in your case, 124/115 = 1.08. In other words, increase LENGTH of the shelf by 8% (but not the width). I'm guessing your cans are 355ml.

Hello guys. I'm just wondering.. I just printed the front holder wall. 1 copy, if I print it again (since I need 2) this will be exactly the same, so when I rotate to the other side will not fix... should I mirror the part or something before print?


Sorry I just found the note:

You need to make two front walls and two rear walls but one of each must be mirrored
(so you have a left and a right of each). You'll also need three top supports.

Shelves and supports need to be extended to 113.8% to make them 132mm so they fit 375mm Australian Coke Cans. This gives 2mm clearance as the cans are 130mm long.
Will post a picture when I print it assuming it works for me :).

Yes, a 14% increase should be about right. You don't want to make it too wide as the cans will twist and bind (but that's what the holes on the sides are for -- to give the cans a push if they get stuck). Looking forward to hearing how you get on.

I haven't printed it yet if you think 2mm is too much let me know I noticed you only had 1mm bigger than the 330mm cans

I can't imagine you'd have a problem with 2mm. I was just trying to point out that wider doesn't mean less chance of binding.

You have a degree of flexibility when you assemble the unit as the shelves can be fitted tighter or looser into the slots they fit in. I just checked my can holder and I've got about 1.5mm space (and my cans don't often stick).

Depending on the quality of your printer, the top layer of the print (inside surface) of the walls might be a bit rough. You may want to sand them a little. Don't forget to print one set of walls as a mirror image!

This is absolutely genius! But, before I print it, any idea how much the sides and shelves weigh in grams?

The whole thing weighs 368 grams in PLA (and that includes the weight of the epoxy I used to stick it together).

Do you think this would fit tinned food cans?
I want something like this for canned foods

I suspect it may not work for food tins. Aluminium pop cans are a 66mm in diameter and the top and bottom are of an even smaller diameter than the middle. This design has raised slots for the shelves to fit into that take advantage of the smaller diameter at the ends. Unless the tins you want to use are less than about 60mm in diameter they won't fit. (and shorter than 170mm -- see Fabos92's question and reply).

could u make a version for the bigger cans ? :)
the 500ml cans :)

500ml cans are same diameter as 330ml cans (65mm) but they are 170mm tall vs. 115mm (at least, the 500ml cans I have in my house are). What that means is you should be able to print the side walls as normal but, for the shelves, supports and stops, change the Y scale to 1.48 (or X scale depending on orientation).

mine are also 170mm tall, i will try to print it, if my gf will make some space for me in the fridge ^^

Just printed this out and it's too small to fit the cans!!! Wasted 580g for PLA... I'm upset...

Hello Jarred,

I'm sorry it didn't work for you. It definitely fits 330ml cans (as shown in the photo), we use it on a daily basis. Are cans in Texas a different size (you Texans do like to advertise that everything is BIGGER down there)?

The dispenser is designed to be millimetre perfect because otherwise the cans would twist and bind as they roll. If it's just the shelf width (height of the cans), you could try changing the scale on the print of the shelves in that direction only or just don't push the shelves all the way into the slots (I hope you did a dry test it before gluing it together). If it's the diameter of your cans, then sorry, I think you're out of luck.

I don't know how you could have used 508g of plastic, mine only weighs 368g (including the epoxy I used to stick it together).

Thanks for letting me know though. I'll update the info to specify 330ml cans.



This looks ubber cool (literally!!) Just downloaded the files and set the printer on a mission, will post up some pics when done, thanks for your efforts!!

So.. you watched "Het Beste Idee van Nederland" last Saturday on SBS6 ?