Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Throwing Noise Rocket

by MaxMoester Nov 13, 2015
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It doesn't work. I have printed one and it doesn't wisthle

Would be nice to add a launcher for it ;)
Parhaps one that use springs or something?

Whistle part V3 does not make any sound. I have printed 100%, 80% and 70% whole thing, and not any of them are not making sound at all. I was trying to blow the whistle myself, i was trying to modify whistle air entering part- no, nothing. Also i was driving a car at 80km/h, holding the thing outside the car. it doesn't work at all.
0,2mm layer height, 0.35 nozzle, 0.32 extrusion width.
The thing comes very nice and smooth, but completely useless.


I printed the red section (referencing your rendering photos) with supports by accident and the supports were printed inside where it can't be accessed. Should I reprint or will it be ok?

Ths is a great print. Did all without support. But am sad to say the hole for the fan is to small. Have to make it bigger a bit now myself. But otherwhise freaking awsome

Hi Pilotboy,

Thanks for the support and the great words about the Throwing Noise Rocket! :) I am sorry that the hole of the fan is too small, but when I print the fan it's okay.


what size are the threads on the tail body and head. my printer put support in the threads and i need to clean out the threads so that the pieces will go together

Hi Nickm98,

The threads are 15mm on the head and the tail.


ok so I printed the previous version of this and it didn't work, so how do I know that this one IS going to work and not waste like 20 meters of filament on it.

Hi AbdullahMoh,

I am sorry that you wasted 20m of your filament, but it was still a Work-in-progress. I can assure you that we finalized the 'Throwing Noise Rocket' to it's perfection.

Thank you for your support!

It looks like your tail file is at the incorrect scale. May want to check that out and re-upload a new one.

Hi Koopa,

Thanks for the advice, but when I download it there is no problem with the scale?

Not sure, what's going on maybe the site hasn't propagated the correct file on my end yet, but it comes in at 9.49mm height, where as the whistle part comes in at a much larger 74.90mm.

Nope, still way too small, even the preview shows it fitting in one square, where it should be more like 6. What are the dimensions supposed to be, so i can just scale it properly?

Hi Koopa,

I am so sorry! You are absolutely right, I will upload it in about 3 hours.

Thanks for your patience!

Also while you are doing stuff, you seem to have a errant "collar" on the tail. This prevents it from screwing in flush to the whistle part. (I estimated the size of the tail and have a complete one printed out at 70% scale). It's looking great, I'm excited to give it a toss and see what happens.

Hi Koopa,

I have uploaded the new tail under the name: SteeringTail_V3.0. Thank you for your support, because without you we didn't noticed it. Could you also upload a picture of the Throwing Noise Rocket under 'I Made One.'

Thank you very much!

So I printed this scaled down to 40% and would suggest maybe changing the thread to one that is much larger, a snap in fitting, or a key that is glued together as the fine thread doesn't scale down very well...

Hi RhinoAus,

you are right, the thread isn't good enough. But we are busy to make an updated version of the rocket, with lots of changes. It will be uploaded end of this week.

Stay Tuned!

You have great community support, kept scrolling and kept seeing positive replies from you. Thanks for the design!

Hi! I'd love to fire these out of a compressed air cannon. Could you make a version such that the tail fins and the main body are the same diameter?

Hi RhinoAus,

Love the idea! I will upload it at the end of this week.

Stay tuned!

Making one now. I will let you know how it goes. Plan to drop it from an RC plane. Cool project. Do you mind if I make changes if needed and re post.


Nice! It's very cool to see other people make our Thing. We are setting up a big update this week before the challenge ends. And do you thing, change what you want :-)

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You'll need a thread that's a little more chunky and 3d printer friendly, something like this. http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:193647

NUT JOB | Nut, Bolt, Washer and Threaded Rod Factory

Thanks for the tip :-)

Hi, I tried to make this one but have problems with the propeller. First it was out of size and then when I started to print it out, my printer does just the gaps and the shaft. What can be wrong? Is it just me or is it more than me hwo has that problem?

Hey, did you ever get that working? Sounds like a great project.

Hi Tomix11,

First of all, I would like to say that I appreciate your interest in our Thing. Secondly, I know what your problem is. The first time we uploaded the wrong propeller. We have updated it with the right one! :-)


Max & Daan

Turn this into a bullet for a shotgun and sell it to the military under an SBIR program as a non-lethal weapon. At those velocities I bet you can make the sound ear drum shattering! FU Perps! : )

Haha, that would be interesting!

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You should call this the little boy.

Looks more like fat man.

How do you mean? :-)