Wi-fi Desktop clock and weather forecast display

by krokus57 Nov 18, 2015
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is it possible to make it with pi zero?

Python script will work. I just found youtube video with pi zero and lcd screen https://youtu.be/qdd354BfI2I

Pygame ist Installed
The Display is display_rotate=0

The Error......

Starting web server
Ok. Using tcp port: 8080
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "rpiWSi.py", line 195, in
File "rpiWSi.py", line 109, in ws_start
screen = pygame.display.set_mode((screen_height,screen_width))
pygame.error: Unable to open a console terminal

I just google this error. It seems you must be root user:
try run with sudo:

sudo python rpiWSi.py

have the pi newly set up the files without the folder in the directory / home / pi copied ... when I python rpiWSi.py enter I get the error message ....
File "rpiWsi.py", line 195, in
ws_start (90)
File "rpiWsi.py", line 109, in ws_start
screen = pygame.display.set_mode ((screen_height, screen_widt))

screen = pygame.display.set_mode ((screen_height, screen_widt))

Did you miss "h" at the end of "screen_widt"?

Does pygame installed? If yes, try to swap screen_height and screen_width. You pi in portret or lanscape mode?

I have a error :-(

File "rpiWsi.py", line 195, in
File "rpiWsi.py", line 109, in ws_start
screen = pygame.display.set_mode((screen_height,screen_widt))

Error description?

I keep getting this error not sure what I am doing wrong

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "rpiWSi.py", line 10, in
from ws_globals import
File "/home/pi/git/rpiWSi/rpiWSi/ws_globals.py", line 4, in
from settings import

ImportError: No module named settings


Use this link please: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0ByeZz0o2PevmeUZiYUlPWTRlWUU/view?usp=sharing
Upd.: files on github now up to date also!

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Python version?
Is there file named settings.py?

Hello thanks for responding so fast
python version is: 2.7.9
no there is a hidden folder named .settings
with org.eclipse.core.resources.prefs inside but no settings.py file

also there was no lang_XX.py file that I could see either so I just made one and put the lang_EN.py and copied that text.

I am fairly new to python/raspberry pi so thanks again for the help

Hi Krokus57,

Is this compatible with pi 3?


Software part will work.

I've still not printed the enclosure for this yet (I decided to add a real time clock and temperature probe for inside to my Pi) but I have managed to get this working with a python monitoring script that looks for GPIO input. Krokus57 also added Farenheit support to this project, which I greatly appreciate. Excellent work!

Good job!
Is it able to adjust the brightness of your LCD? Do you know how?
On my other project i use photoresistor to adjust brightness of LCD and it works.
But in this project I can't find led brightness regulation on my new lcd.

Unfortunately I do not. I'm attempting to code the script to also use a SainSmart HC-SR04 sensor to power on the display when you move a certain distance in front of it. This way the screen isn't always on and may not suffer from LCD burn in.

Comments deleted.

I've got most of this complete (the printed shell) but it looks like I'm hitting a problem with your code. See this photo for the issue. Anything you can do to help me get this finished would be appreciated!


Hi! I think you miss definition of days_of_weeks array in file globals.py. Check it up.
Send me your code in archive to rim@imarh.ru

Sent. Thank you for the help!

I found this link to something similar...


Would be nice to get a link to the exact project information,

I added the hardware description.
Project that you have linked is very similar to my.

Any further details on the project? Parts used, etc? This is really cool and I may try to make one but any help you can provide is appreciated!

Hi! I have no ready description of the project so far. I will write in the next few days.