Coin Sorter and Counting/Wrapping Tubes

by HPaul Sep 8, 2011
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Just a heads up for anyone wanting to print this. The quarter_loading_tube file is corrupt and needs to ran through Netfabb or another stl repair before printing. Attached image(left is the Repaired stl. Right is the damaged stl.)

I'm disappointed to report that the trays are not the proper proportions for assembly by themselves - and, when stacked, the right-most holes for the coins are partially obstructed by the tray immediately below.

I'm not sure what prevented this creator from doing simple things like extending the length of either the tray wall or the wall-only segments to complete the tray properly, but there is ~1/4" gap in the corners where the sides should join together. Which they don't.

I'm going to attempt to correct this and upload a properly-configured file so this will work out of the printer; just be aware that this one won't, period.

While I'm certainly interested in seeing the file you upload, I confess I can't envision the problem you're having.
I've been using this sorter for four years now and have successfully sorted over $700 in coins with it. I have noticed, however, with other designs I've uploaded, that differences in machines and slicing software sometimes create problems with clearances and fits.
I hope you can sort out the problems you're having; the sorter is a delight to use, as are the rolling tubes.

Idea: incorporate the stacking tubes into the corners of the sorting trays, so you can just tilt the trays to load the tubes with sorted coins.

Cute idea, but loading the coins by pouring them in from the open end of the tube doesn't work. They have to be loaded by stacking them in as described in the instructions.

Can you release source or a parametric version so non-Americans can count coins as well?

I've added a zipped archive of dxf files. The originals were created in VectorWorks, and if those files would be of use please let me know.

Very neat. I'm going to make one of these for sure.