BB-8 remix with dummy internals

by petropixel Nov 15, 2015
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do what I did order it and hope they mess up send one out after you cancel the order FreeB-8

I've contemplated taking my Sphero BB8 apart and putting the internals in a more screen-accurate body such as this one and now the price might finally be right - a "new" or refurbished Sphero BB8 can be found for about $30 now, almost three and a half years after release. I also could have never justified paying $150 for one but for $30 it's a really entertaining toy.

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It would be cool if it could roll multidirectional instead of just forwards and backwards. Still cool!

could you use the half sphere from #2 and the V5 internals

Versions 3 through 5 are scaled up 150%, so it's not going to fit as-is. V5 would fit inside the V3 half spheres, but if build area size is the issue, you would have to scale down the V5 internals to fit in a V2-sized BB-8, and then find smaller hardware to make it work.

where dose one put the weight on the V2

Scaling up 150% is 3/2 scale, so to get back to the original size you'd want to scale down by 2/3 (66.666...%, .66666...)
Anyway, yes you can scale it down and the added details from that version should still show up in the print, and there is room inside the head at that scale for the same magnets and ball bearings (if you're using those) but you'll have to make those cavities bigger after rescaling.

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It is the case. Limiting it to only rolling on one axis was the only way I found to get it to actually work with any reliability.

Great update! You will add arduino to the final one? a small and 3d printed version of: http://www.instructables.com/id/DIY-Life-Size-Phone-Controlled-BB8-Droid/ ?

why have I seen these creatures in my dreams?

So darn cool....now if we could just motorize it and fit in an Arduino with some Bluetooth control...plus some easy way to recharge the battery....

I agree, but that's why I think you'd have to hack a sphero. Maybe you could use all the hardware in there and figure a way to add an Arduino micro. (Although it might be easier just to stick with the sphero hardware and become a developer with them: https://developer.gosphero.com