Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

'wearable' T60b Power Armor from Fallout 4 Brotherhood of Steel

by MacNite Nov 17, 2015
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do you have any idea when this would be finished

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I'm using this file and the power armor station https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2326702 to make this USB desktop stand.
Should be a fun project. Printed at 6" tall 20% fill .2mm

Funko POP! Fallout 4 Power Armor Station

Nice, looks really good :)

Can u actually wear it?
B/c i really want to wear this at Halloween

Not yet. At the moment I don't have the time to continue this project.


"Printing... Printing never changes..."


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Can I have a copy of the instructions

how do i separate the pieces? any software suggestions?

do you print it all at once like the pic? does the back of it open so that you can walk into it?

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so can you wear this around as a prop or a costume?

What are the dimensions of the suit

when do you thing that it will be finished?

Hey could you please send me/post those .ipt files? I'm really loving this design.

I did so - but there are only .ipt files for the hand / concept of the lower arm. The parts of the armor come directly from the game and are only available as .stl files.

you should really slice up the Armour plating and frame so its printable. PS i love this project i am going to make a few i will post the final armor when done

Just an idea...
would you be able to grab the power armour frame and convert to stl and slap this mesh up here?
My thought would be to build the operational parts first then create bolt on armour parts.
Consider how big big you want to final to be and scale the height up before uploading. Maybe around 7ft or 2.13 meters tall?
I'm sure many others would love to get involved this project as it will need time and resources.

The file should be in the 'legacy.rar' folder.

Ah yes, i see it. My bad.

I'm working on breaking the helmet down into manageable pieces. Could you PM me an email so i can forward the parts for you to upload.

can you upload just a helmet. that would be very helpful. thanks.

Very cool indeed. I've been thinking about doing this as well. Can't wait to see how you do. :) Best of luck

Very cool, cant wait to "wear" the hand and I'm sure i could change this to be run off my hand movements rather than motors :)

I can't wait to see it. If you want to, I can publish the files in .ipt or.step too.

My design skills are next to non but i could give it a go :)

Do you have an estimate on how long it will take to be printable?

No, I don't know - but it will be over a long time.

I believe in you, MacNite!

How the heck is the robotic hand supposed to be controlled with the part inside the arm?

If you mean the 'electronics' - I'd just pull the strings with servos and activate the servos by push-buttons or maybe with an something like a MyoWare Muscle Sensor.


I was just wondering because straight from the game, the person just puts their hand around what looks to be a static bar, with no articulation... but yeah, i guess i could see how it would work with modification

I know - for easy use or an easy Installation I think I will ad an control panel near the 'bar' for the Hand. Or maybe I'll integrate it in the bar.

If you look at the picture i have posted on the "made section" you should be able to see the holes for the wire to run down the hand and attach to your hand inside the arm, each of your fingers will be attached to one the the robot fingers.

also you can see on the thumb where i had to make extra holes to slid in the rubber joints once the pieces were together.

Are you making single frame that can support pieces from different sets? Such as T-45, T-51, if I wanted to make them, or is it all just sort of one thing?

Are you making single frame that can support pieces from different sets? Such as T-45, T-51, if I wanted to make them, or is it all just sort of one thing?

That should be possible - at least this is the plan I am following :)

Now when you say wearable. do you mean completely wearable?

Thats the idea :)

Right now I am working on the lower arm section.
After this I will have a look on the helmet.

Yesss.. we need the helmet! PLease do the T60! hehe.

Cant wait :)
Have almost got the hand assembled with joints, just need to get hold of some fishing line

Hi, I've also printed the hand. sure looks like I got the same files as JamesSaga.
Would try sanding the part down. and I will upload the photos when I remember to.
Secondly, I have a suggestion on how to make the hand rotate at the 'wrist'. why not use large circular bearings?
Again, I will post the photos of my concept.
Hopefully I remember to after I end work later.

Thanks for your feedback.

I thought about something like this. The problem is, if you make the hand turning a certain degree (i.e. 90 or 180°) there would be problems with the strings operating the fingers.
If you put the servos for the fingers in the hand, it would work find.


So I have all the pieces and the tendons, (I ordered some made of nynja flex) but Im having trouble getting the pieces together, ie once you have a tenton on one piece you can slide the next piece on, the only way i can see is the cut some of it off so there is room.
(i will post pic)

Printed the Thumb plate again and aftr a little cleanup the thumb piece was able to slide over the hinge

Edit: I think they could still use a still more just to avoid having to sand them

Unless you want to walk like Frankenstein's monster, you'll need to rework the ankle. Look at the actual power armor frame.

I am aware of this problem - that's the reason why I started modeling the hand: procrastination :D

Problem: on my cover pic on "my make" the finger piece does not fit on that bit of the hand, so when you would close the finger it would not slide over the hand.

Yes, I have seen it in your picture - I will check (and change+reupload) the hand-part when I get home.
Can you measure how big the part is, were it should slide on and how big the counter-part is?
Which Material die you print in?

I just edited the file and added a tolerance of 0.25mm on each side (0.5 mm in total, for both - the hand and the thumb-mount).
Does the middle part of the finger fit?

i am printing the thumb mount now to make sure it fits

i print in PLA on a Ultimaker 2

The middle finger part does fit, though a little tight but nohting a little sanding wont fix. (maybe make the middle finger pieces like 0.2mm thinner)

Again thank you very much am loving this :)

Ok, I will edit them tomorrow, maybe you can wait with printing the ohter Finger middle parts then. Or simply scale the appropiate Dimension down in cura :)

Ok, I will edit them tomorrow, maybe you can wait with printing the ohter Finger middle parts then. Or simply scale the appropiate Dimension down in cura :)

Sounds good, will post the results of the thumb cover bit

(also Im in NZ so time difference)

What are your plans for the lower arm?

For the lower arm I just have a rough concept of some base-plate where you can mount the hand and some shafts which go up to the ellbow.
It will be the armor-frame only (but not like the 'original' model, more like a simpler und more practical part).

Nice so your going for changeable armor shells? (cant wait)

Is it possible to the hand to rotate?


No, until now it isn't possible.

Cool, I guess it adds that extra level of complexity that you dont need to deal with :)


Could be useful

Dont know why they have done the whole frame, why not just combine it.

Anyway let me know if you need help doing test prints.

The hand is nearly complete - I will release the model soon.

That's realy nice - I'll look at it and maybe there is some inspiration I can use!

Great to hear, will be next thing I print :)

Yeah I just thought i should post it in case it was helpful

I just uploaded the .STL-files for the hand.

Very cool, will get it set up for printing when I get back to work on Monday.

Will have to make a mold of the joint and get some silicon, should be fine though.

For your convenience:

I just added a mold-file to the archive.


Sweet ty much :)

Keep up the awesome work; very excited about this!

The hand looks amazing I cant wait until your done so i can print it out, thank you for your hard work :)

Question: why add servos to the arm to control the hand, why not just attach the cables to your fingers?
Also does your design have the hand able to rotate? (like a wrist)

When i load up the helmet pieces they are massive, is there any way to get to the proper scale? (right now the helmet is 600mm at 26% scale)

First of all: did you load the correct (split) model from update 0.3?

I am working on the hand at the moment and scaled everything at 0.18. If you apply this scale for the helmet it's really big. I'd scale the helmet to around 0.13 - then the hole on the bottom is about 27x18 cm (in diameter) and it should fit.

Nice thank you, makes it much easier having the proper scale. I am using a Ultimaker 2 so i would have to chop the pieces up a bit more to fit :) why is the helmet so low poly though?

No Problem.

All parts are low-poly at the moment because they come from the game without anti aliasing.
Maybe I'll fix this in later updates.

Excellent, Can't wait to see the HI-Res parts. Also nice job on the ''leg frame'' experiment.
The lower arm model is perfect, hope to see that level of detail on other elements soon

Awesome thank you

How large is the full suit, and how big of a printer would you need?

In theory the suit would be around 2.30 meters.
It's a 'work in progress' so you would need a very big, mit consumer-grade one.

Forgive me if I'm pestering you with requests but here's just an'other concept that came to mind. Would you plan on uploading the elements for the other armor sets to ? I mean, once you get the frame right you could theoretically strap on and off pieces of the armor you printed so why not include the models for some of the other Power armors in the game like the t51b.
Cosplay wise that would be GOLD. Anyways keep up the good work & have a happy holliday!

I plan in doing that but right now I am busy with work and modeling a working ersion of the hand.
Maybe other power-armer models will in a later update when I have made more progress.

Hello. I use a software called Pepakura Designer . I do not understand when I put downloaded and opened the file I only have the image that appears therefore I can not print the model .
sent an email to this address arthur.doste@outlook.com
(I'm french sonc know for her that I did not understand can be

Sorry, I don't know this Software and so can't help you.

this is just a consideration; could you add the torch on the left side of the helmet ?

In the original model is no torch on the left side of the helmet - but it's really easy. Either you mirror the complete model (and have the torch on the left side) or you take the torch only, mirror it and add it.

There isn't one in the model because in this Fallout the helmet torch is an upgrade instead of a regular feature like the previous iterations of the armor. I'm not that skilled with the program yet to model it. Could you slap it on ? Btw awesome job with the ALPHA anchive, lots of nice detail on the frame elements. Thinking about going so far with the other elements of the frame too ?
Please do :D

Comments deleted.
Comments deleted.

Any idea how much material it would require to print this thing full scale?

At this moment no.

I was initially planning on only ptinting the outer armor elements. Would you suggest printing the whole chassis too ?

Version 0.3 is here!

With an actual split-up and printable version of the helmet and reworked lower leg-parts!

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Noice. You will be remembered. Now all We need to do is find out how to make that cool iron man like action with the suit opening up and closing when you climb in

Yes, that would be awesome, I am working in this but it is not so easy.

And I would print only the outer armor (Version 0.3, if you want to wear it). I altered the design to make it work, but there is work legt to do - espacially with the feet/ lower leg parts.
I am planning to edit the designs so far, that the power armor frame and the outer armor are 'merged' so you don't have to print them seperatly and worry with tolerances.

Comments deleted.

By frame do you mean the chassis ? I actually don't mind the chsssis being a different piece. What i had in mind was to print the major armor elements ( Shoulder, chest and so on) and then build a ''custom'' frame inside with some metal bars that fit me like an exoskeleton.. Besides i can always ''fake'' that inner chassis look with foam once i get the whole armor together. People don't need to know what's really on the inside.
Also what about the feet ? Plastic isn't going to support the whole weight of the armor and the wearer on those ankles.. :\
Still trying to figure out a way to get around that problem without misshaping the feet too much with that whole '' The real feet don't go in the actual feet of the armor'' aspect of it

Yes, frame = chassis.

I know - I still have the same problem with the feet and don't know how to solve it properly. I think the easiest way would be to 'insert' some metal brackets in the foot / lower leg.
I found a seperate model of the hands / lower arms which show that the hands too don't go into the 'gloves'. Their is a handle in the lower part of the arm and the hand is a robotic one.

Problems over problems.

I was aware of the hand being placed in the forearm months before the game came out xD Analized many trailers and animations alongside Photoreference. I even theorized at one point that some power armor sets could be like centry bots made by the institute ( which would later be half confirmed with the reveal trailer where they show synths). BTW The ''robotic'' hand is no problem. You could actually build a puppet like hand with some cables and springs in order to operate the fingers from within the suit. My Whole concern with this armor is that it's larger than the user and you can't simply print it to fit your average size because in order for your limbs to fit in the hands and feet of the suit you'd have to scale it down thus drastically reducing the helmet size and preventing you to fit it on your head. So either you have a really small head or you are going to print a Bobble head like version of the suit. To print it in actual size would mean building an actual frame with some metal strips and strapping on armor pieces as you go. Perhaps strap a brick to each foot and hollow out the 3d printed foot to house it. I can't immagine the feet of this armor being very neat but the rest should prove to be alright to replicate

I know (in theory) how to build the robot-like hand and how to make it work. My problem is that my skills working with mesh-type models are limited right now so I have to look how I can alter the model.
Right now I am working in the hand because making the feet work properly seems very hard.
And how the helmet has to be scaled is yet a different problem. Also the model i included is only single-shell which wouldn't print very nice.

What are you going to do with the hands ?I also theorized a way to make all the elements open like the in game model. Using a few hinges and magnets for the arms and legs and a few gas pistons for the back plate to raise and stay up when you are not in the suit. The helmet should also split in two kinda but f**k if I'm going to split that mess of parts in half once i get done assembling it. Not completely sure i'm going to go all the way with that idea tho,. I might just build a suit that you wear like a medieval armor and simply strap pieces on. I Really would love to make the frame articulate enough for the user to walk around in it yet sturdy enough to stand while the user isn't inside.

Unless you are able to print the frame with this level of acuracy i'd scrap the idea all together.
IMHO it's best to pad the inside of the armor ( Should you want it to open up) with EVA foam cut to resemble the frame to get the detailed look without the hassle

Idk what you mean by this level of accuracy with that photo, but ripping the model directly from the game means its exactly the same as the game. If you have a printer that has a nozzle for dissolvable substrate, you can print anything you want to the accuracy of 4 thousandths of an inch or better. It would definitely be awesome to add some actuators and have the suit open up. I don't see anything wrong with printing the frame and the plates as one piece though. Having it open is cooler than having removable plates, and I don't see many situations where the plates would need to be removed. It would save material to print the frame + plate pieces and would look the same.

no... It's not ''the same'' as the in game model was not meant for full scale print. If you were to print the in game model full scale in real life you'd end up with a low poly version of the in game model. There are plenty of round elements on the armor that look fine in the game thanks to anti aliasing and a good texture on top but in reality you'd have most of the round elements on the armor being jagged. Take a look at the model and watch how the 2 round elements in the ear area of the helmet arent round but instead poligonal.

So you sand it. The point is that you could 100% manufacture this to exacting detail. It just depends on how much time and effort you want to put into doing it.

Yes - I also realy like the idea of 'opening' the armor like in the game - and making 'only' the armor without the frame won't work really well at all. There are some pieces missing (like everything around the hand's). At the moment I really want to make a robotic hand - that would be kinda nice to.
It's just a ton of work :)

Don't know about that. Printing the whole frame seems like a huge effort. Besides the mesh doesn't differentiate between Soft parts ( like elboy and knee joints) and solid ''metal'' parts. Even the hand is just one huge chunk. Think it would probably be best to print the individual finger elements and then secure them to some sort of rubber glove. Still searching for the right kind of rubber or silicone to purchase to cover the parts of the armor where ther's a joint or a disconect between armor plates. Are you sure that printing the whole frame is a good idea ? Is it sturdy enough to withstand the friction of movement and to support the armor plates ? If you do put out a file for the frame with all the various clipping errors out of the way what do you plan on doing for the neck, elbow and knee joints ? They are all part of the same model so you should cut out those segments should you not ? Forgive me if I seem neurotic but there are just to many things that could turn out wrong late in the production process. Even the in game model was ''sloppy'' for some aspects. The animation in which you climb in the suit is riddled of clipping errors and pieces of armor thatgo through eachother or through parts of the frame. What are your thoughs on building a slim exoskeleton to support the armor as a pose to printing the frame ? ( If i'm going to have a support for the suit i'd prefer it being a reliable metal structure beneath the armor so that i could move with relative peace of mind without worrying about the plastic frame bending or cracking if i move the wrong way)

I know that there are many problems.
For this reason - till now- I splitted all parts (frame+armor) from each other, so you could (in theory) wear it like a medieval armor. Most parts are combined from frame and armor.
The fingers can be printed out seperate - the model is alreay split for this. I 'just' need to add rubber-bands, servos electrodes to control them - you can find some realy interesting robotic / prosthetic hands here if you search for them.
I'd like to have the hole model (or just the frame / exo skeleton) made from metal but I don't have the skills and material / tools to make it from metal.

:'( Suppose you were to print the frame, isn't it too weak to support the whole armor ?

I think so - but using some metal-re-inforcement could help. Espacially in the feet and joints.

so either way you are going to need a metal frame to support the armor

have you got a tutorial or a set of instructions for ripping the models from fallout 4? i would be more than willing to help you make a full archive of fallout stuff, sadly i don't have a 3D printer but i can help in the way of altering and grabbing the models.

i watched that tutorial, however it wont rip, any suggestions/ your settings?

thanks in advance

I use the standard settings I think - except that I use the D3D11 wrapper.

Dude YOU ABSOLUTELY NEED TO MAKE THE FILES FOR ONE in real scale. BREAK IT DOWN IN CHUNKS of armor plates like arms, fore arm, and other pieces for the legs. Front and back of the helm. and you've got yourself the hottest 3d printer file of the year.
People have been doing the same thing with storm trooper armor. Perhaps just do the main armor plates and not all the chassis as that might proove difficult for the user to fit in to.This would be awesome.

Yeah - I just did the first step towards this direction - see the download section :)

Awesome job... >:D
so much hype. keep us updated

Did you take these straight from the game?

Yes, they are and they are not yet optimized for 3D printing.
But the Makerbot Desktop software gave me qiuet a good result with slicing.

Will it print the whole chunk of armor or is it set to sculpt a box-like hollow shell ?

The parts are made from an outer and an inner shell so they should print auto as a hollow object.

Yes, but I think at the point right now - if you want to make it 'wearable' the only part that will work correctly ist the helmet.
The other parts need further clean up / editing.

Yeah there are still some minor details that don't add up with some of the geometry. The abdomen looks rough. Don't wanna immagine what it would be to print all that mess of tubes. Probably easyer to buy some pvc pipes and arange them based on photo reference

How did you extract the model? Is it from Fallout 4?

I'm trying to get hold of the model for the nuka cola fridge!

I used ninjaripper.

There is a gold tutorial how to use it in YouTube.

Be patient - there are people in this world who have to go to work.

Here you go:

Please post some pictures, when you are ready.

Nuka Cola Vending Machine Fallout 4
by MacNite

I remixed it mate, and fixed it for 3D Printing. Going to take a stab at it now.


and you took out the shelf-things - now you can use it as a pc case if you print it in two halfes and fit them together :D

Many thanks.

I'm just cleaning up the model to make it a little more printable and I will post pics :)

You use it with Fallout 4? Can you extract the nukja cola vending machine?

Let's make it wearable! lol

Actually this would be awesome - but I have some Problems to convert the data into the right format to work with it.

We need lilykill! lol