PARIS lamp

by LeFabShop Nov 16, 2015
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Hi there,
Beautiful design, wish I had the same skills on 3D modelling!
Unfortunately my printer bed is too small to print the files (150x150x150), any idea on how to scale it while keeping the correct hole size for the light bulb?


Does the complete part handle the heat of the lamp without melting?

Realistically it should have no problem. An incandescent bulb wouldn't reach a high enough temperature to melt the material you are using. If you use an LED light, you're golden.

Great model, thank you! Now I am reminded of beautiful Paris in snowy Moscow everyday! Took whopping 80+ hours to print and even couple of failures mid print due to whatever reasons. I used mostly Black pla & Gray for the diffusor and the cap. Now I plan to buy a smart hue lamp (of lifx or whatever) to make this one a great smart lamp. Thank you very much for your design!

...is a dust-catcher

Printed your beautiful PARIS lamp on my Tevo Little Monster as a single print.
The lamp printed out beautifully.
Thank you for sharing your design with us.
Your work has inspired me to try my hand at 3D design.
Could you tell me what software you used to design the Lamp?
Was the software difficult to learn, any tips or suggestions for a beginner?

Kindest regards,

A.T. Pete

Can anyone tell me whether the orientation of the STL's works for printing it without supports?

Also, raft required?

Saludos estoy imprimiendo la lámpara por partes separadas ahora denotado que se tarda casi 15 horas por cada parte la velocidad mía está en. 40 se pudiese aumentar la velocidad y a cuanto

i want to print this lamp with PLA and the Ultimaker 2.
My problem, when i arrived at 2cm high, the construction les the platform hidet by 60°.

How can i fix the construction better to print it withoud leving the platform in process.
i am sorry for my english.

Thank for your help.

Regards Martin

print on a raft and use some hair spray "Elnet L'oreal" on the platform

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Same question than Jsplinter :

I'm new in 3D printing and I would like to print this in a single time.

But I don't understand how can I print this without support. What orientation is needed ?

I'm printing with a Zortrax M300.



Since I am relativly new to 3d printing. Do I need
to turn the separate pieces inorder to print the without supports? Or can I just let them as they are (standing up-right).

p.s. I am printing with a Craftbot 2


Thank you for this model. It is so beautiful. I am printing one at 65% size from the already separate pieces. I also decided to re-cut the large lamp so I could print it full size but in more pieces on my machines, but once I started printing it I noticed that it is not the same model. Is this intentional or did you upload an older version of the complete model? The complete model has less vertical bars and may have other differences. Thanks again.

Seems to be an issue with the base?

Getting errors from Makerbot Desktop trying to print or export just that one file.
Updated to the latest version and using a Makerbot rep2x

Fluctuat nec mergitur. Sa signifie merde a la morte. Stumbled upon this just browsing, teared up reading what you wrote. Now I have downloaded it to print it, because the way forward is bringing more light into the world around us.

los archivos no están bien..la parte de arriba no se llega a terminar se queda sin acabar y la parte de abajo a la mitad se para la impresora..una pena después de 36 horas imprimiendo los achivos tengan estos fallos.

Eiffel would be thrilled if he could see it.

I haven't looked at the design really yet, but I was thinking maybe doing black and white mix of the lamp, not sure how well it'll turn out.

How big of a bed do you need to print this full size?

Really nice, I like it. I think this is on my list now :)

Thanks creator!

PS - why so many deleted comments here?

The deleted comments are probably a result of censorship of Anti-Muslim comments, or possibly comments that deride the victims of their horrendous crimes. that would be my guess, anyway.

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Magnifique lampe, poétique et un très bel hommage à la ville de l'amour.

Samuel, mes felicitations par cette création, je suis Argentin mais j'ai vecu deux ans a paris quand j'etait un enfant, je garde donc dans ma memoire les meilleures souvenirs de la plus belle ville au monde et aussi des parisiens, je souhaite du fond de mon coeur que la France reste un térritoire de paix.


This is an amazingly beautiful way of declaring your love of a wonderful city and country!

I'm going to print it because it's beautiful and will display nice with my Tower that turned out good. Glad it snaps together also. Thanks for this gift. Would love to have a 6 foot Eiffel Tower printed on same machine if the urge ever comes over you. I wanted a 10 foot tower but don't know how to design. I'm 72 years old. Never have seen the real tower.

There are some Eiffel Towers around here that are in multiple pieces that you can scale up to make larger. I don't know about 10 foot, depending on your printer size.

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Thank You for your beautiful creation and expression of love. Thank You for sharing.

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Omg I'm so glad that it has separate parts, I thought it would be too big for my printer.

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IT REALLY DOESNT NEED SUPPORT? wont the horizontal elements sag while printing??

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where do I acquire the gold parts?

Beautiful, like your city and your soul...

Very beautiful and very thoughtful of you to remind us all the virtues that all of us value.

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