NES Replacement cartridge

by daniel_nelms Jul 5, 2013
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I'm actually making an original NES game, I have my own label design and an Eprom burner. I'd like to manually make a few dozen copies to sell at some point, using self-printed cartridges so I don't murder any pre-existing games.

I see that your model is marked as non-commercial, so I figured I'd ask you permission to print the model, add my own labels and electronic guts and sell it. Would this be ok with you? I am not going to sell your model, just use the print that will be part of a larger project (IE an actual game and not just me selling shells). Let me know if this is cool with you, thanks. :)

Case is too large to fit into authentic system. Does not fit in a toaster nor a top loader. PCB notches do not line up correctly so the PCB does not fit into the case. Also, this one does not have a place for a label. Does not have little thumb grips to pull out the cart with either.

It was modeled off my ten-gen Pacman cart. I don't know what to tell you except I printed one and it worked for me.
Remember this is a model I published for free several years ago, I have no desire to change it, especially when it worked for what I needed it. Maybe you should make your own?

Best of luck

not that I'm complaining, but ten-gen is an interesting choice. They're a 3rd party and they ended up making unlicensed games for the NES (though pac-man was licensed).

The notched on the 2 nintendo carts (Golf and SMB3) I took apart are offset, so the PCB can only fit in 1 way.

Could you make this for 3DS?

I could but I would have to take apart a DS cart to do it, which I don't really want to do. :o

One thing that would be cool: is it possible to remove the text carved inside the shell?

yes it is, sink them in to the shell or sand them off