Tie Fighter Body for Hubsan X4 H107L

by cudbur Nov 17, 2015
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So thanks to the FAA making regulations on drones, how much does it weigh completed? Hopefully less than 250 grams lol. Otherwise they claim we have to register our drones with the FAA if we want to own/fly them outdoors. Thanks!

Weight (without battery) of the H107 is 28g. The tie fighter body adds 2g

And how much does the battery weigh? They include the battery in the 250 g limit

My postal scale isn't that accurate but says 7-9grams.

Hi, does this body with the hubsan x 4 h107d fpv?

it will work just a little off.

Not sure what the h107d electronics look like, but if they're similar to the h107c, maybe this would work:


Tie Fighter Body for Hubsan X4 H107C
by cudbur

I printed it for the 107d if the front battery case post are moved up before the side hole the battery case will fit right and the mounts for the FC if they where reversed that should be it....as is it still will work but its upside down if you needs some numbers let me know.

Excellent job...Very cool...printed one up and disassembled my Hubsan :) then decided to print another at 1.5 times as big to house the FPV camera in mine. Will post pics as soon as I'm done wiring it up. One thought...if you could put both circular boom mounts on the bottom hull so the top could be removed by itself, would make working on the electronics easier.....I have no modeling skills at this time or I would attempt it myself.

Thank you! I uploaded a model with mountings and space for the camera module:

The way it's designed is grandfathered from the original design idea. From what I learned I totally agree with you about making the top separate. If I find time I'll give it a shot.

Tie Fighter Body for Hubsan X4 H107C
by cudbur
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This is incredible...

Oh, I love this! Thanks for sharing! This'll be my next project. I'm expecting some grey PLA within the next couple of days. I've already scratch built a Hubsan 107 because I had the parts lying around from crash packs etc. I'll just disassemble one or maybe even buy a new one. They're on sale at a local shop right now. This looks awesome! How does it fly?

bit heavier, but ultra fun :) The whine the motors make really sound like a tie fighter

Fantastic! I can't wait! :) The H107 is a brilliant choice for a mod like this. It's so easy to take apart, and so easy to fly. There should be a fairly easy way to incorporate the H107's LEDs into the TIE design. Blue LEDs for ion thrusters of course. Maybe custom made green or yellow ones for the cannons? I think red and white are the only premade options so far.