Replicator full acrylic windows and hood non-laser cut CTC Dual

by bluetobits Feb 7, 2016
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Top thing Blue! I have just made the perspex drawings into .DXF so they can be loaded into a laser or CNC machines. If you don't mind I can list them if you or any of your followers need them? I have made a couple of alterations though... there are a couple of holes in the front doors for some knobs to open them wit and there is also a hole at the bottom of the two doors to fit some 5mm neodymium magnets to keep the doors closes yet easy to open and included in the design is a plate for the mating half and a couple of holes in the front of the hood again for a handle to open it easily... I can remove all of these if you don't want them.

yes please

  • can you post some photos of mods on door with magnets


your work is amazing!!
Do you have a clearer image file of the preview of the dementions?

never mind, found it on the folder
thank you for your amazing job!!

I'm flattered! You probably found it in hoodparts5.skp which is a sketchup file. Please drop me a line if you have any other questions.

does the dimentions have gaps to fit or should i cut it a little bigger than its drawn? thanks

I suggest cut to fit.Dimensions are determined by the consistency and accuracy of the bend radius which has several potential variables. After a couple of practice bends on off-cuts I found that it was better to form the bend in a single operation and stop when I got the right angle, than to try and re-heat the bend to make millimetre adjustments to the bend radius. As I recall. I cut the exact width, but left excess length at both ends, formed the 2 bends. After then sanding the bend radius in the side pieces to fit, trimmed the excess length to match the sides. I glued the sides in place and taped the joints to hold them while the glue fully cured overnight to address a slight 'spring' in the bend.
I thought about trying to anticipate such things as stretch and compression in the acrylic around the bends and decided it was not worth the grief after making the first test bend. I found the most important thing was to ensure everything was well clamped down with a stable former before heating, Heating (constant and even passes with a hot air paint stripper along the bend line) took much longer than I anticipated, ensuring the acrylic was quite pliable before forming the bend with a rigid board and a combination set square,

thanks so much for sharing. it looks great! im trying to wrap my head around your instructions before i begin...what exactly did you bend the acrylic for? in the pics every thing looks like straight cuts to me. could you post a pic of what you bent? thanks

The only bend is across the top of the hood where it slopes forward. It can be seen in the photo. I did a few trial bends on some scrap acrylic and found it quite easy, or at least it was easier than getting 2 long straight cuts at a constant angle, accurately enough to get the edges to mate to neatly glue together. I suppose it's down to whatever you find easier.

Does anyone have a file for a CNC router?

Presumably you mean to cut the acrylic? The idea of the project was to knock something up that needed minimal specialised equipment.
However, the Hoodparts5.skp is a sketchup file of the acrylic. Layout will probably need re-arranging for a CNC router, and the dimensions and spacing will need to be checked as I hadn't intended the drawing to be used a CNC file, but it should be fairly straightforward. Sketchup will export to .stl, but may need the plugin (All free for non-commercial use.)
I recommend hand shaping side panels around the lid bend and final lid trimming by hand after the side panels have been glued, as I found that bending the acrylic in the way I described, even over a round former of the exact size, is somewhat imprecise.
If you have access to a CNC router that will accommodate large-ish sheets, I think there are better designs out there.
Good luck.

Yes. thid idea is very good. but now I do have a cnc machine and I want to cut the acrilic with it. I dont have any expertise in create a 2D Model so I hope anyone has it allready finished.

Very elegant design especially the hinged hood.