by Moozicmon Nov 20, 2015
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I am making a dinosaur like this for a cake topper. Is there any chance someone could edit the dinosaur to make the base a little bit thinner and remove the candle holders. My support generator is down, could someone add tree supports?

For next year -
I 3D printed my menorah this year and used tin foil. Worked like a charm, though it melted in the bits that I missed (only the plastic that was in direct contact with the flames)
Do keep an eye on your menorah though, printed or not.

(Mine was PLA and I ended up only using it one night)

My recommendation when it comes to printing this and similar candle-holders like it is to print it in a material that can withstand a bit of heat. ABS would decent. Polycarbonate would be great.

PLA would be a pretty bad choice to print this.

On the other hand, it is kinda hilarious to look at.

Ahh so the model still exists.
I saw them take it down from the front page and wondered if they had deleted it due to safety concerns.

Who is doing the featured items at the moment? stern reprimand in order.

Love the creativity. Keep it up!

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This is a cool design, but I am really concerned about hot wax melting all over the PLA. Then the PLA softens, the candle falls over, and someone burns down their house. I'd suggest that 3D printing inclined people celebrate Chanukah with 3D printed dreidels and not 3D printed menorahs! Or make this a bit bigger so it can hold oil cups......


If anyone cares about the actual religious obligations of חנוכה instead of just wanting to make a halfass xmas out of it - this menorah is not kosher - meaning you aren't doing the holiday right if you use it. All candles need to be on the same level.

That depends on how you observe the holiday. Kosher isn't the only way.
Most of my family are atheist Jews (I'm agnostic), we're secular, and we're all fine with lighting a non kosher menorah if we like it.

That said, it is important to note that it's not kosher if it isn't. I'm only referring to the implied dichotomy of Christmas-wannabes versus orthodox Judaism.

Remix so Trex is bending forward slightly eating a raptor? This spine would be level then

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Not quite. They should be in a straight line, level or an even slant, just not at random heights and all but one of them should be on the same level; the shamash should be noticeably higher or lower to set it apart from the other 8 candles. The requirement is that someone looking at the menorah should be able to easily tell how many candles there are. Reform or conservative Jews may find some departure from this to be acceptable eg placing the candles in a slight arc.

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T_T too big for my printer

Files downloaded... will print this weekend ;)

well as a jew who has lit thousands of candles i might recommend from experience that you spread out the 8 candle holders on back down the tail more.. if they are too close they will melt each other and there is plenty of space to use down to the end almost of the tail... :)

this is a moment of Zen.

Would be cool to see if crayons fit on the top. A good crayon holder for kids if you can get the base a bit heavier

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We had to see just how flammable it is. Quite flammable. And it drips molten plastic..

I'm waiting for someone to post the "I made one" and its just a picture of a burnt out shell of a house.

Someone already did!

and i'm sure they didn't see my comment before hand... ;)

Nice way to burn your house down. Enjoy!

To get the teeth to print better, consider laying the model on its side and printing with fine support. After cleaning off support, face the "down" side away from you when using so the UP side shows.

OMG we need this sliced to print it even bigger!!!

@Thingiverse: Publishing a candle holder this is most likely printed out of burnable material is bad enough, but featuring it is neither sensible nor responsible.

you could put leds in it.

Lighting all these candles very near to each other on a piece of plastic is VERY DANGEROUS!
Beware kids!

i need to print one of these for next chanukah, make a mold from latex and then cast one out of resin, why you ask ? because the pla won't really stand up to the heat of the candles. very nice model though, i'm sure my parents will find this hilarious.

Yeahhh..... So I made this, and it turned out great! And then last night we put the candles in. That went okay. We started eating and we heard this crackling/fizzing sound. We all turned around and the head of the dinosaur was completley melted and the tail was dripping off. In conclusion, nobody got hurt, but we did get a lime green PLA stain on our windowsill. :P

R.I.P. Menorahsaurus ;(

Pics or it didn't happen! Also know your product man ;)

So, how did he die though? Did a candle tip and then cook him or did the PLA basically get too hot?

The candles melted him.

Love this! Just a minor comment, on my software it has a small bump on the underside of the platform that causes it to not sit flat. I sliced 1 mm off the bottom with netfabb and it prints smoothly now.