Praetor Kail, 54mm and 28mm Miniature

by dutchmogul Jul 10, 2013
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Hi! Could you tell how long you printed that (and your printer speed) and how much filament it took? Thanks.

Oh, let's see... he was printed at standard Rep G default speed, so a feedrate of 40 and a travel feedrate of 55. Hard to say how much plastic without a scale, but he's about 56mm tall and 40mm at his base. I printed him with 10% infill and 1 shell (though I increased shell thickness to 8 for all of my models a while back) and printed at a .1 layer height. He took around 3 hours to print. This was all on a Makerbot Replicator, I should add.

Cool to see :) I'm busy on some bases right now for a job :) Can I ask, why did you put it in halves? Is it so you have more resolution or better kwaliteit when it's upward?

Oh, its because my printer can't use support material, so I get my best detail by printing horizontally and assembling the pieces. I'm including the full model for when I can someday print that way or for other people who can. Grats on the bases job. Bases are one of the best uses for 3D design/printing, for sure. Terrain too, of course.Looking forward to seeing them!

Hi-poly model would be cool to print I think ;-) When I can, I'll put some pics up somewhere...I obviously can't share them ;/ But the detail would be too high anyway for normal usage..