Vertical X-Axis Contest

by bryanandaimee Sep 12, 2011
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Had hoped to see some result pictures and vid..... DONT_KNOW

Pictures and vids are linked on the individual contestants entry pages, you can find them all on the reprap wiki page linked above.


This is my entry... its a whole printer though... the x axis conforms the the standard (actually the distance between centers for the x rods is configurable)

Looks good. Can't wait to see it printing.

I just found this. I'll try some ideas bouncing around my head. Even if I'm not entered in the contest. Are Bowden cables permitted?

anything goes :) The only constraints are the spacing between x and z bars respectively. The hope is that conforming assemblies will be compatible with one another.

One of the Pololu drivers are inserted incorrectly in the 1st prize picture. Hope you corrected it before switching on!

I just had them plugged in to align the sockets while I was soldering. I haven't started testing yet. Don't worry, be happy :)

Oh, and in case anyone feels the need to correct the correction, it was actually three drivers in backwards and one in the right way. :)

Three time the smoke then ;)

You can tell I do not have my electronics yet...
As you were!

I plan to enter but I am keeping details hush hush for now... Good luck everyone :)

Just remember that in order to compete you need a link posted on the reprap wiki page by Oct 12. It doesn't need to have any top secret info at that point ;) , just a place I can go to confirm points at the end.