Tie Fighter

by 660 Nov 23, 2015
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Hey there. First of all, thanks for this gorgeous model. Really enjoyed watching it grow in the printer.......(for 6 1/2 hours ;-)
Unfortunately the end of the wings are slightly warping up. Tried it with brim and raft (the one with brim was the best so far).
Any tips for solving this problem?
(Printed in PLA, 195°,heatbed 60°, 0.15 layer height, speed 25mm/s, fan is off for the fist 2 layers, printed on anycubic i3 mega)

Just tried to print this, as it is, and i get a massive layer shift around layer 4. Something in the Gcode is not working on the Ender 3. Looks good but doesnt work. Thanks away

I printed w/ support , but it seems unnecessary.
My hot end fan blows on one side only, so there are some stringing between the wings when the air flow is blocked. I'm upgrading to a dual side fang before I print the 2nd half.

I tried to print this at .5 size but it sort of made a crater and stopped going anywhere

Printed this out, unfortunately had some warping issues (printed in PLA) Im gonna try to remix this with the wings being entirely separate and the cockpit split in two.
Ill update when done :)

Hi there, did you ever make your remixed version with the seperate pieces?

This was my first real print on my prusa mk2 and I'm impressed. I do have a bit of warping on the wings, not sure what the term for that is. It looks like some of the lines are squished a bit.

I have a hollow Tie Interceptor if you want that? What printer are you using - do you need the model sliced or can you do that yourself?



Thanks for all the comments, there are stands available on this site but I will modify the model and make a stand soon.


can you make a stand for it? that would be great.

Very nice model. This will be my desktop ornament from now thank you :)

this one delaminated during printing on my R2 machine very early on. has anyone else had this issue

use Elmer's Extra Strength glue stick on glass plate.

Hello, thanks for your contribution
very good model

is it possible to send this sliced model into 2 separated files, so we could print it larger?
Bets regards

OK will do.