8-Bit Videogame Coasters

by hockenmaier Jul 9, 2013
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don't print in PLA just melts them print them in ABS all coasters should be printed in ABS only

You should specify at the instructions that an high infill is required. I'm having troubles with a low infil (10%): the details are printed between supports, without reaching both sides, so they "fall"

This can be really amazing if you make the middle image with a different color.

I don't have my printer yet but I really want to try that out!


Hey, @BarnaculesNerdgasm printed this, and his turned out pretty awesome!!!!!

I customized your design : http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:139754http://www.thingiverse.com/thi...
My friends went crazy when they saw this, and more when they realised that they could be customized, so I decided to share crazyness.

Thanks for sharing a blank coaster so we can have this.

Customization pack for 8-bit Videogame Coasters by hockenmaier
by ahtly

We haven't made anything yet. No 3D printer as of August, but your coasters look great. Hope it will be a good first project.

Amazing! Great way to add some awesome to your coaster is to swap filament colors halfway up! In your favorite 8-bit colors!

I came here to say that but you beat me to it :D

That is a great idea! I'm going to try that out and post a new pic.

Would love a customizable version so we could swap out the characters in the middle. Either way, very cool!

Interesting idea! I've never made a customizable thing: is there a way to input some kind of image or design to be part of the object rather than variable parameters?

I'm not that experienced with OpenSCAD but I know you could design the base STL (without a character) and then in OpenSCAD import the base STL and then a character STL to go in the middle, then export the combined STL. So just supplying a "blank" coaster would get us most of the way there.

Good idea. Since I'm not going to be able to learn OpenSCAD overnight, I've uploaded a "custimization package" with a blank STL file as well as a couple of Solidworks files I used, for those of you who want to make new characters or designs.

Also, if anyone has an idea for a game character or item they think would work well on one of these coasters, I may be inclined to design a few more...