Dwarf Birdhouse

by DiMarzio Jul 9, 2013
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My wife absolutely loves this idea, but my printer and my lack of knowledge apparently don't. I'm very new to 3D printing and hoping someone can chime in. The issue I'm having is when scaling to 200% and zeroing the Z to the plate in Cura, the skirt still prints at 100% and of course the print fails when crossing over that. Any input is appreciate. Absolutely amazing design and my wife would appreciate my printer obsession much more if I could get it to print correctly! Haha. This is the only print I've had issues with so far using my Ender 3 Pro.

Just printing this and prints good. Only hiccup was top layer of bricks on house, the crease was deep enough to give a couple of small holes nothing major.
Just pop into blender and inflate that crease a little and bingo, job done.
Thanks for the Model. Will enjoy airbrushing it. In cura I used uniform scale and scaled to 200% so it'll fit the fat little buggers that live by me.

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Thanks. What are the correct dimensions for the main body part then I can check. Cheers.

I've just sliced and printed the main body part and it is tiny. The main body part is just 5.5cm by 2.5cm. Should this be scaled to inches?

Hmmm...I always scale to CM as far as I can remember. I also scale it in NetFabb just to be sure.


I also tried to slice the bird house with slicr. But it will not slice. Also tried to repair it, but still no success. Does some have some suggestions?

Many thanx

any chance you can make birdhouse_v2 with a flat bottom? I am having issues printing it with the texture on my robo3d

I am actually having trouble slicing the bird house section. All other sections slice no problem but the bird house will not. I have put it into Netfabb but that didn't seem to make any difference. Any suggestions for me? Thx. It is an absolutely beautiful design and I am eager to print it. Thanks again!

I make 1/4" scale miniatures and this looks like it might be good for that scale. Might be too ambitious for my little M3D printer though. I love it and once I have a better idea of what I am doing (only been printing things for about a week trying to see what works and what doesn't) I may try it. Really nice design and I see from photos that many people were able to print it out very nicely.

Awesome! Your model has been selected as one of the best 3D Printed Ornaments this year! Search "Top Free 3d Printed Ornaments Printing Ninja" in google to see (sorry thingiverse bans url addresses)

Very nice house! I like it a lot!

Just wanted to say that is a beautiful piece of work. Keep it up!

Thanks a lot! I'll do my best! ;-)

As someone just getting started and trying to learn .. what tools do you use? .. to model the object and make it print ready.. thanks!

p.s. this is the best entry I have seen so far.

Thanks for your generous comment! ;-) I use Zbrush. Sometimes I block in some rough shapes in Modo, just to get a bit balance or size. I haven't been using Zbrush that long so it's all practice to me! :P I usually then just sculpt away until I'm satisfied. In the end I go about decimating my various objects (if needed) because the polygon-count goes sometimes in the millions and that's not really handling well if you want to print it.

So I tend to export it as OBJ or STL and load it up in NetFabb to clean the mesh up and make sure it's printable. Checking takes some time for me as I don't own a printer yet ;-) (trust me, I REALLY hate it not having a 3D printer for my self :P ). Hope this answers some questions.

That's a work of art right there!

Awesome design! The only thing I worry about is the mounting tabs breaking under stress or heat from the sun. Could you make it post mountable? Also, positioning one of the signs in front of the entrance, tilted out slightly, would give a bird something to land on before entering his new home. Just a thought.

good point! actually, I was sort of worried to about that after I was done ;/ I'm not sure what you mean with "post mountable", my english ok, but not that much :P If you have any ideas on how to make it better, please do. I wasn't sure about how make it mountable with plastic and sorts.

Wow! Will we see and African Swallow version? :-)

careful... make sure it cant grip it by the husk and fly away with your birdhouse...

if you want, I will try to make something ;-) may take a few days though..

Thanks! getting it print-ready took more time than the actual sculpting :) So I hope someone is willing to test this for me :)

I'm printing NOW! Not my thing birdhouses but this was so beautiful I had to make one! Printed the Top and Middle almost done the Rock base. 1 problem is the base on the items aren't totally flat. This doesn't allow a proper brim to be made around the parts. I fixed in a way by starting the prints about .5mm up to 1mm cutting off the base in Cura, it worked that way. I also added little clouds coming off the chimney and a post by the hole for birds to perch on. I'll post pictures. Stunning work!

incredible! can't wait to see pics ;-) You know, I DID add a little landing platform (with rounded poles so birds can sit on them) in the beginning. Then I read from someone it's not necessary and it only helps the predators to get in easier...that's why I left it out :) Anyway, I'll have a look at the base, thanks for pointing it out!

Ahh I figured that it might be a problem with Squirrels so I'll remove it but was going to use it as a bird feeder...but a nest for smaller birds would be more useful to them. Some little birdy is going to get a wife by showing this house off to them thanks to you! :P