Rey's Speeder Bike quadcopter

by themodelmaker Nov 24, 2015
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no rey for printing ?


i started today printing this but i have 2 questions\doubts.

1- Do you have video\pdf assembling all the pieces?! Do you used glue or screw's?
2- Did u made 3d Rey model?

boa noite, você poderia enviar as peças frontais que estão faltando ?

dommage une fois imprimer les objet sont pas trop un peut decu beaucoup dheurreur sur les pieces dommage

This is amazing!!! Awesome work!

what layer hight and wall u recommend 04mm nozzle and planing on not fibreglass filling just strat up detailed print

Great job.
where can i find that figure?


This looks amazing but before I make it all I need is the computer chip for 15 and the remote for 80 and battery

Very cool, I will definitely rebuild it. But where can I find a pilot :)

This is so awesome I can't even express it in words. My printer is already rolling!!!

how long is your speeder in length and height ?

Awesome! Printing her now. suggestions for keeping bottom in place? do i manufacure the bottom out of one piece, or do i keep 3 seperate ones? Did you glue or weld it?

Any possibility you can split some of the items more? Our printer's bed is 400mm diameter (delta). Would love to print this!

Magnificent realization.
In the pack is missing a room, that front after the panel front.
Thank you

Is it possible to print this bigger and make it fly?
and what type of fly blade we need ?
Thanks and congratulations.

I guess it is possible but you would need to test it yourself. On my little dys motors and 6inch propellers, it was flying reasonably well. I never upgraded it to stronger motors but it should be possible to lift more weight with 3leaf 6 inch or 7 inch propellers.
The one thing is, I omitted lots of details for easier printing and less work sanding. For bigger version would be nice to see them and make it more movie accurate. Would you people like to see V2 with more details? write me comments here, if you want it.

Where do I find the figurine. I only just wanted to start with that!

I am now developing the figure, molding in progress. It will be light foam with resin face and gloves. Drop me a note on my email architecturalmodelmaker@gmail.com or facebook message on my fanpage if you want one.


Is it posible to print the pilot?
Do you have a 3d scan ??

Hi. I don't have the scan and the foam figure didn't work, the seam line was too visible and ugly. I could probably 3d sculpt the pilot. How advanced is your printing?

did u manage to do this


I print it with my Kossel Mini with 200mm bed and 0.4Nozzle.

I like your pilot and i think i can print it very light weight.

Comments deleted.

beautiful design.I am printing it now and going to build it.

Did you build it? Please share your photos, I would like to see how it looks.

How do you connect the engines to the engine mount? Is it supposed to slide in?

is there 2 parts missing form the download files???
i was looking at a pic from your site and there is a part that holds the body cover up in the front and a part just behind the nose cover thats part of the frame.
are those parts not needed?

They are not needed. the body is firm without them, so why add extra weight. The part behind front cover was intended as camera mount for FPV but I didn't go with this option. That will require extra hole in the front grill.

The extra parts for FPV where great.

i am going to build it whit fpv, is it possible to get that 2 missing parts.
otherwise i make something for it ;)


Great design, but i have a few questions ... Did you end up building it with better motors? If so, how was the flight affected? What kind of fly time do you get with the 1500mAh battery? Have you tried larger batteries? Is the beeping in your video just a timer or is that a low battery indicator? Have you flown without the rider? If so, how was flight affected?

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

I kept the small motors and changed to 6 inch props. That improved flying significantly. I am going to keep it as it is and use sunnysky motors on my main racing quad.
I didn't measure how long it fly, there were only 2 days without wind during weekends here in Ireland. I spent 5 batteries to record some footage, worrying not to crash it ;) I am guessing it was around 5 minutes on 1500mAh. The beeper is low battery alarm, but when I started this movie, it was already more than half discharged. The rider is not that heavy, because its mostly styforoam. The engines are heavier.

Hi, this thing is cool! Im printing it, but the frame lower plate file is different from the plate in your build. Is it ok like that?

I modified it and updated after my built. I saw few things I needed to remove with knife to fit my wires. I enlarged openings in the plate so you don't have to.

so kool! it flew well very smooth, not real fast or agile and it did not have very much flight time but it looked way kool. wow factor is great!

Thanks, that was the goal on this one. Also wanted to test if it will fly.

WOW think it may be my next print that is awesome not fast but just right ! just add fpv to it and a bud filming....!!

Please upload it here when you do that, I want to see your videos.

Hi from Will and Mr Data :) :]
Very cool, "testing facility" ar funny. flys real well, would love to print it life size of course.
Good to see a second vid of it flying. couldn't help but want to see it fly through the trees, perhaps it the upcoming movie its an open desert bike. Makes me want to build another working lifesize hoverbike, my old one is on public display gathering dust these days.
I Would like to know what your deal with non commercial is? do you have a auto sell location to pay you per print?
bye for now and be well from Will and Mr Data :) :]

Glad you like it. I put non commercial, because I don't want people just grab the file meaby modify a little and sell on other site. If somebody asks you to print it for him, feel free to charge him for your time and use of your printer.

Thanks for that, tho i'll keep in mind if i suddenly get a request for a million units i'll play fair and contact you to discuss it.
Thanks again.
bye for now and be well from Will and Mr Data :) :]

Awesome work, very well done.

Great model !! Just one question, what pilot figure did you use ? I don't see it in the files.

Thanks! The pilot is also custom made. The body is styrofoam roughly shaped with knife and covered with layers of fabric and PVA glue. The face and legs are sculpted with polimer clay Sculpey. If you want to save weight and time on sculpting you can make figure with all body parts covered and use styrofoam only.

Simply beautiful and functional!

Awesome Job you have a Great website thanks for sharing.