christmas tree lamp

by toolmoon Nov 25, 2015
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Would it be possible to get the 2 part tree as one whole part?

You can download the new file " bb20011a384_ALL.stl"

What are the bulb hole and star hole diameters?

bulb hole : 15.5mm
star hole diameters: 8.5mm

Thanks for the update on the t-bulbs being back in stock... as a side note...standard led dome string lights fit the holes, so one model i actually mounted those in each hole with a little hot glue.. it looks really good... I will post a make when finished..

This tree is great, but i'm not a fan of the balls on the outside of the tree. I like standard ceramic tree lights, so i created a converter for the holes:https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3252208

ToolMoon Christmas Tree Hole Converter

Any info on where else to get t bulbs? I like the idea, but your out of stock.. any help would be appreciated..

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New arrivals!
The new batch of tBulb is arrived! Your order will be shipping out from now on. Appreciate for the patience.

Would it be possible to get the base without the pins? The pins keep failing and I would like to print the base alone.

Update file " bb20011a385kd5 UP.stl "

Any chance of separate pins as requested by Slewach pls.


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We checked the model and found no problems, maybe you can try another slicing software.

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Can i get the pins the keep it all together in a file by them self they failed but the base printed fine.

Thank you

You can try the file "bb20011a384 ALL.stl".

The one piece tree is great but i still need the pin/pegs that hold it to the base that is the part that failed to print correctly and din't want to pint the whole base again.


Could the maker of this please include a split flat star that we can print then glue the 2 halves together still having problems with this moving during print, would be most appreciated.

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Thanks for the addition. 8)

Added " 20011a381_split_flat_star.stl "

Thank you for the replies.

Having problems printing the star here too, anyone have any tips?

You can try to update the file.

Had issues too, but added support for the star and printed fine. Used Slic3r Prusa Edition, default support settings.

Really having a hard time printing the star. Tried on 3 different machines, and the best I can get is one that is missing only one spire.

Anyone else having trouble ordering a bulb from them and it taking way longer

Would it be possible to get the ornaments as an individual STL? My printer doesn't do multiple objects in the same print very well.

You can download "bb20011a386kd30 one"

Thank you very much!

Hi, what filament is this printed in?

Hi This uses PLA printing,

Gonna try to make this for my wife using an existing light.

OK, so I've cut the tree base to take a simple C7 bulb holder from my local dollar store. Just replace the regular hot C7 bulb with a heatless LED one from your local grocery store or target, they are typically 2 for $5.

Will post pics when it's done.

Also the star prints better with support, kept failing.

Love the LED light and I can see a lot of potential ...... but a wee bit too expensive especially when you look at shipping costs.


Hi Alan

thanks for your comments.
we're trying to provide a most accurate freight.