Raspberry Pi Camera Mount for 2020 Extrusions

by TheOddArtisan Nov 26, 2015
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Hello dear,
whats the diameter of the circle? I want to design a part for mounting the camera using your camera holder to my printer enclosure ( a normal wardrobe) into the inner holes, which normally is for mounting some new shelfes onto it. But I need to know the diameter of the circle :)
Greetings from Germany :) ;)

Hello! The hole has a 3mm diameter. It is sized for an M3 bolt to fit through it. I hope that helps!

I mean the bullet! What' s the diameter of it?

I'm not quite sure what you mean by the bullet. For measuring the sizes of STL file parts I recommend checking out Netfabb (trial version is free) or Meshmixer (completely free). Both of those software have "ruler" tools that allow you to measure the distance between different points of a model

Many, MANY thanks TheOddArtisan. Your camera mount is just what I needed, but in a different mount. I've remixed it for my "Jaycar" TL4100 Delta (Rostock clone) printer. I changed the mount to fit the 8mm rods, and it works very well! https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3223837

Oh, and to edit, I used TinkerCAD as you mentioned below.

TL4100 Pi Camera pillar mount

Awesome work! I am glad you found my mount useful enough to design your own. Make on!

This is great. I have a Rostock Max V2 with an enclosure but the stem is too long (I cant aim the camera directly at the center of the bed). What program did you design this in and could you possibly release the file so I could modify it? I would post that file for anyone who might have the same issue.

Unfortunately I don't seem to have the original design files anymore. I used Solidworks to design this back when I had access as a university student. Now I primarily use Fusion 360.

If you want to try modifying the STL files themselves I would recommend using TinkerCAD (a free online tool that you can import STL files into for modification) or perhaps MeshMixer (free software to download and install)

printed nicely, but it doesn't grip the ball well enough, just flops over. I'll have to add something in between to get enough to hold the position I want.

Tip: Attatch the camerahousing to the joint BEFORE removing the infill. And print it flat as written erlier.

Cracked my first but second was rock solid.

Thank you!

Everyone is so nice in Thingiverse comments, it's amazing!

i also had an issue with one of the legs snapping. printed with 80% infill and petg. i will try a lower infill

Which orientation are you printing the cam holder? I placed mine flat and used a raft, and somehow it still messed up the camera hole part. Although that was fine since it's an opening, one of the legs snapped when I exerted some effort to push the ball in. Printed at 50% infill. Any suggestions?

Hi, a bit late and I've not actually printed this yet (still waiting on the cam to arrive) but parts that need some flexibility I usually print in PETG as PLA tends to snap. PETG is more flexible and I use it for anything that doesn't need high durability (Nylon), high Tg (ABS) or is solely decorative (PLA because it has a nicer finish than PETG and can be sanded).

The part for the camera to rest in was printed with the camera lens slot facing down. Imagine if the camera was inside of it, the camera would be looking at the build plate.

I didn't have any issues putting the pieces together. Perhaps try a lower infill with only 1 or 2 perimeter layers? This would allow the legs to have a little bit more flex so it can attach to the ball.

I hope that helps!

Thanks for sharing! I wanted to position this differently - on the front - so I designed a mast to hold it. I've posted it at http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1389449

Raspberry Pi camera mast

Nice work! It is always nice to have options of where to mount a camera

Nice project, thanks! Adding to my print queue.