Laser engraver rotary tool

by drandolph Nov 26, 2015
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What size Nema 17 motors (oz of torque) did you use?

Vou tentar fazer um aqui no Brasil.

I'll try to make one here in Brazil.

have you got a diagram on how to connect this?

i need this in dfx or the dimensions please cdr to dfx rescales the object ?

Why the need for 2 stepper motors, will it not turn while using just one? I want to make one for my k40 laser. I know my y axis connection will power it, but only have one connection for y axis. any advice would be appreciated.

Why in the heck would this use two steppers and not just one and a belt or gear. This is silly

can you post the .cdr to something else? Something like a PDF or DXF?

hoping you can help me set this up on my k40. i have not modified anything electronic with the unit yet and curious how i would wire and control or configure the system to run the rotary tool while engraving? thanks for your help in advance.

depending on your PCB there is a 4 pin slot open labeled "rotary" if not you can disconnect the Y-axis and plug in your driver there. Zeroing can be done manually just remember you have to hit the "stop" switch manually before it can go to your offset. The cutting software has a "rotary" setting just click on it.

can you link the bearings you used? i cant seem to find them. please and thank you

I have seen in the past that the K40 driver will not run a nema17 so how are you using 2 motors on the K40 board ??

The K40 will drive a single Nema17, that is what is using on the X and Y axis. Running two motors on the same driver however will not work. But I use this design with only one driven roller on my K40 and it works great. I plug it into the Y axis stepper connection on my controller (I am running a Ramps setup, not the stock Moshi or Nano board)

I'm not. I made this for a x700 machine because the drivers are rated for a nema23 style motor there is plenty of power for two nema 17 motors.

Sorry I searched for K40 Rotary attachment and this came up I see that somebody else thought it was for the K40 too.

I just got my first laser and I want to build one of these but I have a stock K40. Do I need a board upgrade to control?

sizing the rollers to the same size as the pulley... ingenious! No more having to muck about with your config... well, sorta. Won't you still have to change the step length based on the OD of the part being engraved? When I was engraving ornaments last year I also did some bottles, and remember that I had to change my settings based on the OD of the part.

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do you really need two motors? wouldn't a small chain/belt between them work easier?

I am running it with only one driven roller, I did not connect the other roller to anything, it just free wheels. Found that it works just fine, and actually better on items that are not perfectly round.

You could use a belt and pulley system but getting the belt sized and pulleys and extra bearings make getting parts more difficult. This design is using regular reprap parts that are easy to get. You also can change the size and distance between the rollers without replacing the belts or pulleys. NEMA 17 motors are so cheap it's almost the same price.

Just wire up the two motors to the same stepper driver, nothing fancy.

would be keen to know the wire order on the 4 pin plug? do the colours match?