Dual X-Carriage Bukobot 3D Printer

by buildrob Jul 17, 2013
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Can you explain the "cap" thing to me (when a hotend is not in use) does it not damage the nozzle and what metal is it made from? And what is on the end of it?

hi i am a student in China. i want to know do you change the marlin, if you changed can you tell me where? And i want to make a same one,another thing is when i upload the marlin it will get out an error ^

hi i am a student in China. i want to know do you change the marlin, if you changed can you tell me where? And i want to make a same one,another thing is when i upload the marlin it will get out an error ^

error "Missing or invalid definitions for DUAL_X_CARRIAGE mode."

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i inspired with your work. is this can accomplish with ramps 1.4? or mks gen?

Hey Robert

i finished upgrading a big printer into a dual X carriage

and everything works great, awesome job on the marlin :")

is there a command or a way to offset the Z between non identical hot ends?
(im currently using shims but it would be nice to know if it could be made via software)

ill add pics and a video later if you want

also found some small bugs, is there a group i could join to fix those?

Dear Robert, what extruder polymer item you are using infront of gearbox? is that open source or? Can you share it's stl?
Thank you!

hi, in marlin the number of extruders is 1 or 2?

In Marlin the number of extruders is set to 2. The Rumba should be able to be made to work although you would need to work out what pin numbers to use for the 6th (X2) motor drive.

thanks , now i can start :)

I am assuming here that you would drive both your Z axis steppers off the same driver (that's what I do anyway).

I made a small hack to marlin to support dual fans for active extruder og both in duplication mode. https://github.com/ErikZalm/Marlin/pull/730https://github.com/ErikZalm/Ma...

Your url doesn't exists. Can you tell me what changes did you made? Thanks.

Hey. Was inspirred by your build/machine. So rebuild my old Prusa i2 to dual x carriage. I have som problems with marlin and homing and offsets. Do you use osftware limits or only hardware or both? I have both min and max endstop on X. And a small thing, how do you control 2 fans? Se link for video/pictures https://plus.google.com/photos/101171137569571196735/albums/5969390905653934209?authkey=CLKKvO2V8ovh1wEhttps://plus.google.com/photos...

I normally just change the X2_MAX_POS value and re-upload (to save me changing it manually each time). I determine this value using the dual-extruder calibration scripts which whosawhatsis wrote here: http://whosawhatsis.com/paraphernalia/offset_test_generator.htmlhttp://whosawhatsis.com/paraph... (with X = 0 offset)

Seeing how my 3D printer not running yet & would like to do this setup, can you print the parts needed for me.


This is all a custom modification to the original Bukobot Duo. Deezmaker have also changed the design of the Bukobot (V2) so that the heads aren't separable - you can see it on their website. The nozzle scrapers are just metal strips cut from a cheap $2 hand beater (covered in some tape and wrapped with a replaceable length of pipe cleaner). I describe all the construction in the Instructions sections. Thanks for the comment. Rob.

Hi, what software you are using for slicing?

HI, if you set DEFAULT_DUAL_X_CARRIAGE_MODE to 1 or issue M605 S1 then you can use any slicer software. In the auto-park mode the slicer doesn't not have to be aware that there are two x-carriages because the firmware handles the parking and unparking of the heads. I used unmodified Slic3r.

where is that in marlin?

Dear buildrob - what d you mean by "I used unmodified Slic3r."? What version it is?
Thank you!

The Slic3r software was not modified in anyway to support use of the dual x-carriages. I simply configured the software to use 2 extruders and have a zero X/Y offset between the two extruders. I used 0.99 and 1.0 but any version should work.

Thank you Sir for support and your time!

Those nozzle scrapers, did you made them or are they stock with a Bukobot?

Hi, these are made from the blades of a $2 Chinese hand-beater (wrapped with a bit of tape and pipe cleaner) - not standard. This is described in the build instructions.

I've added a video of the new duplication mode I've added to the Marlin firmware. http://youtu.be/Mdj5iZ5B2Dghttp://youtu.be/Mdj5iZ5B2Dg (Octopus model used is by http://www.thingiverse.com/moleofproduction)http://www.thingiverse.com/mol...

If anyone is thing of copying this, I made an additional change which you might want to consider:

This dual-x carriage design requires that the distance between the two endstops is properly calibrated to ensure that the printing from the two extruders is aligned. I found that that the variability in triggering of the mechanical microswitches led to inconsistent alignment of the two materials (the X and Y endstops in a normal printer don't need to be very precise). I solved this by replacing the microswitch endstops with Hall-effect endstops ( http://reprap.org/wiki/Hall-%CE%98http://reprap.org/wiki/Hall-%C... ). Search ebay for 'Hall Endstops' - they are around $10 each. I used bigger trigger magnets than the ones supplied but that was simply for ease of positioning.

I also replaced the Z-axis endstop with a Hall-effect endstop which is completely unrelated to dual x-carriage support but gives a nice improvement in first layer height consistency. [ I'm sure I could design a better Z-axis endstop holder but some Polymorph/Plastimake/InstaMorph/Polycaprolactone (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polycaprolactonehttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/... - great stuff - get some if you don't have some, the uses are endless) and a cable tie is working fine for the moment. ] The endstop already includes a trimpot for fine adjustment of the trigger point.

Pictures here:http://bukobot.com/_detail/bukodualx_endstop1.jpg?id=creating-a-dual-x-carriage-bukobothttp://bukobot.com/_detail/bukodualx_endstop2.jpg?id=creating-a-dual-x-carriage-bukobothttp://bukobot.com/_detail/buk...

Here's another 2 color print I just did: http://www.thingiverse.com/make:42328http://www.thingiverse.com/mak...

By the way the above awesome dragon print is also by tbuser (here: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:29088)http://www.thingiverse.com/thi...

Pet Monster Valentine - Dualstrusion Ready
by tbuser
Giant Hollow Two Color World

I just wanted to add the that my modified X-end design is based on Diego Porqueras' original Bukobot X-end design. I meant to add some attribution in the files but unfortunately forgot before uploading.

I'm so happy someone added this to Marlin.

WOW!!! Most amazing mod to our Bukobot I've ever seen! Great job Rob!