Demon Baby Halloween Prop

by Taikonaught Nov 28, 2015
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Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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Really creepy. Nice

Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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Hey just a heads up as i donk know the illegality of this, or if this was you


You should enter your design in this years contest. I would vote for you!!


What a great idea! Love it!
Question - did you print the face standing up as shown (horns on top)? Or did you lay it back (nose on top)?

Hi Belaray,
I had to print mine super quick (0.3mm layer height), so I printed the face upright (in the orientation that the STL file is in), because it hides printer striations better. You can print it facing up, if you like, but you would have to print is at much higher resolution, or the stepping may be visible.
Also, use a T-shirt that has lycra or other super stretchy element in it.
It won't show well through plain cotton.

I have printed the second version "nose on top" with no supports. Had minor problems with bridging on the eyes but after printing the rest it cannot be seen anymore on the final object. Look at the picture on my "I made it".

Thanks to you both!
I had trouble printing it up, as it would loose connection to the bed after a while (i think from the bed moving back and forth)
I've found I can have have more stability if I slow down the infill speed, and use linear instead of honecomb, so the bed is less 'jerky'

Either way, this printed great with supports laying flat.


Open your mind Quaid.

Sorry, couldn't resist.

Quaid... Start.. The... Reactoor

Made for my pregnant daughter-in-law. She loves it, thanks!

Great idea HAHA

Honestly - that is one of the most creative ideas I've seen in a while!

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Hahaha this is so awesome!

Thanks just found my halloween costume...

That so cool!!! Amazing, it's a good idea for Halloween

Way Kool!!
Wait til your kid sees these baby pictures!!!

Выбери угол! И ударься головой!

вас видимо ударили таким способом и вы теперь обижены что только вы один так получили и от этого вы советуете всем повторить ваш опыт?

что в этом такого?

thats soo cool and creepy

That is all kinds of disturbing. Well done.