MPCNC Corner Span Supports

by Droneme Nov 28, 2015
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I like your work. But I have 25.4mm., Could you please email me the files for a 25.4mm version? Thanks, ccymasa@yahoo.com.tw

Just printed out a complete set to find out the top part gets in the way of the rollers on my setup. Did you happen to mount the bearing bolts backwards from the instructions with the heads against the bearings instead of the lock nuts? Not even sure that would work. It hits the bolt ends and nuts.

Any particular reason why the base holes are same size as the support threaded rod? I just noticed it half way though a print of the threaded_rod_support. I'm wondering why they would not be the same as the original MPCNC Conner foot holes that are screwed to the table?

Hey Droneme, Someone already asked it, but could you make a set for the 25.4mm J sized MPCNC ? Or make the files available so someone can remix it to that size ? Thanks.

What size screws should be used? Also, what length of tubing is required to provide the height for Z-Axis height, for instance the default of 4" of usable work height? The corner leg conduit lengths would be 4" - 0.5" = 3.5". I am struggling with my 3D printer and wanted to pick up or order the screws before printing. Plus the measuring tool in NetFabb is not working for me . These span supports are going to be great though, once I get them printed :). Thank you!

On the threaded rod support: is there any reason this has hexagonal holes for nut inserts? It seems this would only make sense for the middle hole.

Will this work for 25.4?

You really should mark it as a Remix for the MPCNC. Both since it is a remix, and to help people find it :)

On my build, the top_support file is just a hair too wide at the top, even with the bolts reversed and the bolt heads down. I cut a notch with my table saw about 3 mm down on both sides that eliminated the interference. My machine is the MPCNC 525-C (For 23.5 mm conduit) with a 2' by 6' usable area.

I am surprised at the effect a single support has on a nearly 7 foot span, but I still intend to use two per span.

Excited to find this - I'm building an MPCNC w/ 3ft square cutting area and want the extra support for cutting dense materials.

I want to try the version for 1/4" threaded rod. Do you have a nut trap for US (23.5mm) conduit at 1/4"?

Would you mind making this a remix of the MPCNC? I had a hard time finding it, because I was finding everything by just wandering through the remixes.

I would not feel comfortable tagging this as a remix of another persons work. this was not a remix of anything, it was and may still be a unique item. if you do a search for mpcnc this and most, if not all, associated things will be show.

good luck in your endeavors

OK, thanks for responding. IMO, remixing doesn't necessarily mean that you took one of those parts, and started from that. It could be as simple as getting inspiration from that part. Practically speaking, on thingiverse, I think it means more of "associated" than "remixed". But it's your part, and if you don't want to do that, that's OK.

So.. If i were looking to make say a 4'x2'x1' machine, this is how I'd reinforce in x/y?

yes, that was the thinking when I designed it. I'm not sure if a small machine, as you described, would need any support. Although it wouldn't hurt to put one in the middle of the long axis. I would ask http://www.thingiverse.com/Allted/about, he designed the MPCNC and would be the person that could answer most of your questions.

Nice. Do you happen to have a nut trap for IE-tubes? 25.0mm OD, 2mm wall thickness... Or a scad file?


I do not, but I will make one and post it in a couple minutes

Thanks! That was a fast one!