AirBrush cleaner set

by Heartman Nov 28, 2015
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What's scale mason jar do you have?

why is it not a solid object? Simplify3D interprets it in a decent way, but Cura goes nuts. It prints in circular motion in the near the brim.
I think this STL needs to be regenerated as a solid object allow the slicer to decide how to print it.

It's possible to make a version for 2 airbrush taking off the syringe? For me would be perfect...use it for clean and also as a stand for airbrushes

Look at my make, where the silver cap lies, there would be enough room for 2nd airbrush holder..


An advice, it's better to fill the jar with water to
stabilize it, and absorbe few paint particles.

About a second stand, maybe if I don't feel too lazy I will do one
I don't know when, but... keep in touch.


Hi guys,

What kind of media are you guys using for the filter?

Also. notice the filters cap/cover gets knocked off very easily with the slightest bump.
I have made some changes to the cap by using the scale tool to make it taller and then shaving some layers off the top with the slice tool to make the cap deeper. It now sits better on the unit but is still very loose. Will try some rubber o-ring when I get the chance tto buy some. Or if anyone has any idea's i'd love to hear them.

If anyone wants a copy of my file for the lid, fkick us a message with your email and I'll send it out to you :)

Kev :)

I built the station. Print very well.

For filtering I do use a material for kitchen exhausts mats.
I use this for my self built spray cabin as well, works perfectly for acrylic colors.

As for fixing the cap, I simply fitted a rubber band to hold the And fix the rubber band on the inside with hot glue.



In my case the cap fit as well, I have to force lightly to close/open it.

About the filter, as said in the description, you can use a first layer of cotton
then add activated charcoal.

It would be nice if you send a pictures of your printed model.


Wow those renders are amazing! Did you do the rendering and 3D modeling in the same program?

Also what do you do the fancy text overlay with? Everything that is featured has fancy text overlay, but I haven't used photoshop in so long I don't want to mess around with that lol.

The compositing is made under Photoshop, to add texts, and splash painting.

As everything, practicing and patience you can do what you want.
You have what you need to learn online, websites, youtube and so on...

Practice, practice, and...again practice this is the only way to reach your goal.


Yeah. true statements. Guess I'm getting back into Photoshop


Thaks Muppet ;)

I modelised it under Moi3D, rendered under 3DSMax with Vray.


Ah, that rendering looked 3DSMax quality, but I've never been able to design much in it, too confusing without formalized instruction or better tutorials (I tried this back in like 2007). I'll have to try using it for renders alone though, those look really nice!