Birdhouse Rook, Castle Tower

by Valcrow Jul 11, 2013
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Has anyone made an STL to just print the whole thing in one piece? My Cr-10 S5 would hold that entire volume.

This is a great design Valcrow . Made 2 / 1 @ 60% and 1@70%. Some comments for other prospective builders.:
Its a slow build. 3 days on ender 3 for whole thing.
Easy build
Parts fit good.
No glue or supports needed.
Major comment is to lay the perch down flat on the platen if you want it to stick and be strong.
PS. if you scale it down --- dont forget to make all the prints at the same scale !!!!!! I did and wasted a lot of filament.

Can you print this with a 0.4mm nozzle

Just an FYI: Not sure what happened, but I printed the base and mid-level at 50% and the mid-level came in at 1/4" narrow on all sides. So I reprinted it at 63% and it is a smidge too big. Will work I just need to glue them as the locking pegs on one side broke off when I tried to fit them together. Printing the top at 63% as we speak. This makes the column portion of the build 4.75" in diameter. Also, bottom was around 10hrs, mid was a 9hr print, and the top is saying it will be 13hrs. (Wanhao i3, Cura, 1.75 PLA, 215/55, 15% infill, 80mm/s, layers at .21mm, top/bottom at 1.2mm)

Took a little math, but worth the print, will reprint a base and top to fit my small midsection. Great build, thanks.

Would it be possible to split the tower further for people, like me, who are limited to 15by15by15

Yeah this model is quite big. I tested it after reading your comment, but wondering why you don't just scale it? Does it has to be original size?

I entered the STL in my CAD program and sadly the dimensions given by the creator are as you may see scaled on 50% so it should be printable on your printer too. I tested scale on 50% and it fits to my 150mm build room size.
Max height of original STL is 400mm by max diameter of base segment about 290mm.
Max width with bridges bit more than 400mm, too.

Comment is from a long time ago, bought a bigger printer in the mean time. But maybe you can explain something for me, if you scale a model down to 50% doesn't the wall thickness become 50% as well?

Anyone have any evidence that birds actually use this?

Comments deleted.

Just printed this out - over the last couple of days. Terrific design. It will be interesting to see if it attracts a finch this spring.

I had a problem with the mid-section. Printed it twice (at 4+ hours each time) and in both cases it stopped printing at 98 percent completion (50 percent size on a Makerbot Replicator 2), so that the tabs weren't completed. I'll probably just glue to mid-section to the top, but that's a less-than-ideal solution.

Anyone have an idea what the problem might be? The first printing of the mid-section used an older version of the Makerbot Desktop program; the second printing used the latest 3.4x version. Same outcome both times, however.

I don;t know what the capacity of your Makerbot is , but 4 hours is fast. It takes my ender 3 19 hours to print one section at 60mm. Maybe your are overworking your --Bot.

Sometimes, if you yank your card too quickly from the SD slot it doens't finish copying the code over and it'll just stop short of finishing. This may be the issue. Especially if it stopped twice at the same spot there may be some corruption in the code. I would try re slicing, and even using a different SD card to test.

But I would do as you suggested. Glue would work just as well.

Going to print this now, I'll come back with results! I'm excited to build this.

This is a great bird house, I have printed out the base at 50% and the mid section is printing as I type, I will post a picture once done. Going to try one at 70% as well. Question any chance you can post a plastic flag I can print I can then paint and it will be weather proof.

This is gonna be a hard one to beat! Great design and I love the mix of form and function (and no support needed!). Got the base and middle printed on my rep2x, hope to get the rest done today. I think this guy is gonna be too tall for my acetone chamber. I'll get some pics up soon. Top notch work

Awesome! can't wait to see how it turns out. Not sure what acetone would do to the pegs though, wouldn't it make it too soft? Or it'll kinda just glue everything together?

Turned out great although I doubt a bird's ability to make it a home when printed at 50% scale. Although, this thing could work out pretty sweet in my buddies lizard terrarium . I wish the perches were designed to print horizontally without support so that they could hold more weight. broke my first one real quick!

Looks great! I think yours printed quite a bit better than mine actually. I was having nozzle issues for the top and middle sections. Your balcony & bowl looks a lot cleaner.

I doubt it'll fit a robin which is most common here, but should be ok for those common brown little guys. We also have some tiny yellow finches around here and they should fit no problem @ 50%. (theoretically anyway) Maybe I should make a mid section with a bigger opening in the future.. The base size is about the size of a robins nest but opening probably not big enough.

If you want to print the perch horizontally, you can rotate it 90 degrees (top of perch on buildplate) and it should print without supports and still be horizontal. I don't know why I made it vertical... good catch.

Thanks for posting pictures! We truly live in the future!

http://solidoodletips.wordpress.com/2012/11/10/presto-part-finisher/http://solidoodletips.wordpres... it will smooth out the shell and help create a more watertight structure and hopefully fuse the segments together.

I accidentally printed a part in the wrong color, so I had to reprint it. But it got me wishing that there was a modular piece so that you could continue to stack them and create separate nest nooks up in the rook.

You can actually... The pegs are in the same place top and bottom. I just tried putting the top onto the base and it works, which means that you could just stack middle sections as well.

Thanks for the comments guys! Glad you like, and post pics if you print one out. Would love to see how it turns out.

Just waiting for the other 5 pieces! ;)

that's spectacular. have you given any though to remixing it to be a playset for action figures? I could see that working out really well. either way, *awesome job on this one

Thanks! Though I'm not actually sure what remixing does. I clicked it, it made a new thing, and I don't know the difference between that and making a new thing. I'll probably post a small version without the birdy internals a little bit later to be used as a tabletop prop, decoration, or... a chess piece.

almost exactly what i wanted to make lol :P well done!

Wow. Thats really cool.

I concede. Enjoy your eggbot!

This is great, really nice work.

THIS is really awesome!!

Hi Valcrow - We're trying to print your design but are finding that the bridge .stl isn't printable. Could you reply and let me know if you make some edits? Thanks!

New Bridge is up, let me know if that works.

The model has it's normals pointing the wrong way, Recalc normals in blender or use netfabb cloud or desktop versions to flip the model inside out.

I've updated the bridge with flipped (or normalized) normals. Thanks for the heads up. Didn't know that mattered, my slicer prints all the same.

Hi, what issues are you having with the bridge? you might have to print slightly slower. 50% scale is probably as small as the connector will allow. Are you printing smaller than that?

That's helpful! Thanks!

Mind = Blown. This is awesome!!

You win! This thing is amazing. I don't really care about birds so I'm thinking about how I can adapt it for my daughter's 4.5" Disney Fairies. My parents like birds though so I might have to print it for them. I have a 5 lb. spool of silver ABS that this would be perfect for.

That works! I figure some folks won't care for birds, be it personal or environmental. But I'm sure it'd be good for tabletop or dollhouse alike with some mods. Take a pic when you're done! would love to see where it goes.